Today is probably one of those days where we know the world is never fair. Today is a hari ini dalam sejarah. But I guess today is not a day where everyone rejoices. This morning, when I was in KFC having breakfast (yeah, I did that cos I ran out of place to eat), a group of retirees were talking. They should know what life is because they probably had seen many leaders come and go. And they aren’t talking about the leader but the woman. Oh well…

Since it is not a good Friday, let’s entertain ourselves with this Dominic fella who said :

Yes, as you say it, Persona is bad just like the idiot who bought a Persona only to complain and condemn it. Sad to know there are lots of idiots like Lilian who dare not use HIS name but instead use a woman’s name. What a bloody sick man who sticks his bloody tail between his leg and hide behind a bloody woman’s name. Grow up and be a man, cowardice! You don’t piss me but yourself. I bought the Persona and ma happy about it but you are fucking suffering for buying a car you hate and condemn. The joke is on you ….. like Bee Gees sang.

(from my old post on Persona)

He said I am a man hiding behind a woman’s name. KNN, last I check, I got a CB one, wokay?

So, come here little boy Dominic. What’s your problem man? Did your wife said you have a small dick? Or your mom said you are a good for nothing? Or your mother-in-law said you are too poor for her daughter? Or your boss overlooked you and gave the promotion to someone else? What, man?

You got a problem with me bitching about the left and right position of the Persona wiper and lights? Look here, Ah Boy, I know you have worked your asses off to buy a Persona that you can be proud of. Your ego is dented because one random woman said the aircond Min and Max confused her? You seem so proud of your car. Go jack off with it lah. Everyday go…I am cumming Personaaaaaaa! Niamah.

The Persona, like any other car, is just a steel box that takes us from point A to point B. Birds shit on it, dogs pee on it, cow dung get splattered on it. It is a blardy car, ok? It is not a status symbol, ok? Grow up lah.

Another whine from the little boy Dominic :

After reading all the blogs here on Persona, I wonder why you Malaysians buy the Persona only to complain and condemn the car. I am a proud owner of the Persona and I find it very good for the price you pay compared to the other make.

In the very first place, why don’t you scout around and make comparison before buying the car? Why not take a test drive before deciding? You all make it look like Malaysian cars are like crap. I see it that you are like traitors and you people who bought and use Persona and later to condemn are worst drivers than compared to the car. You HAD THE CHOICE AND YOU CHOSE PERSONA. Nobody forced you to buy it and later to condemn it. If you are smart, build it yourself or buy a car of another make. You have the choice to live with it or sell it and buy another BLOODY car. Wake up and see yourself before condemning the car. You DON’T Deserve the car and the car don’t deserve an owner like you.

Can you guys farking believe that there is such a person that says : THE CAR DON’T DESERVE AN OWNER LIKE YOU (it should be doesn’t, boy, singular use does, plural use do) . And to call people TRAITORS. *laffing till fall off chair over one lame donkey who have so much passion for a stupid car*

KNN, we like to buy a car and condemn it, ok, boy? Because it is just a steel box that takes us from point A to point B. It is not our mother, for goodness sake! It is none of your blardy business what we said about our Persona. So clever to say ‘you have a choice and you choose …’ There are millions of blogs out there, you are not forced to read my blog and what the other people said about the Persona. Now, look who is stupid here?

You know, siau ti-ti Dominic, I think you have a serious problem elsewhere. From my psychology class (ahem, buat macam pakar sakit jiwa konon), I learned that people who have problems with others (like the way you do with all those people who complained about their Persona) are actually facing some internal turmoil. Boy, take auntie advice. Go solve whatever that is bugging you. Small dick, no money, no promotion, no respect, I don’t know what lah. Just don’t waste your time coming to my blog.

Now, people…..I want to bitch about one more Persona’s flaw. The other day my eldest son rammed into some kerb in Vale of Temp during the night. The car was in the workshop for almost a month now. Not much exterior damages. Guess what’s the problem? The Persona stupid (just to irk Dominic and people with problems like him) air bag sensor is spoilt. By right, the air bag should have pop out or whatever but it didn’t. Now, I just wonder if those airbags are there just for Proton to earn a few extra hundred bucks. Airbag tarak inflated (like someone’s small dick), sensor pulak rosak. Now, have to wait for the parts.

Phew…so long never dissed people properly like this. People, in case you are pissed with something today like how some people can so easily get some honourable title or how some people can continue to sit on the top, just use Dominic as your punching bag. Let loose, let go, kasi itu Dominic tau itu Persona is just a farking car.