Before I can sleep, I need to dump some thoughts

This is one of those posts from me that will not make anyone smarter. So, don’t waste your time reading, ok?

1) I have so many gadgets, phones, cameras, external hard drives, card readers, video camera, phone modem etc etc, the clump of wires are beginning to look like a mound of pubic hair stuck at the drain pipe. Sigh…it is so hard to entangle them wires.

2) I don’t know which is the Spaces button on my iMac and I am too lazy to Google for it. So, every few clicks, the whole browser went into hiding.

3) Talking about reading manual, I never read the instruction manuals that come with my gadget because I am a woman. I just found a white cable, out of the mound of black pubic hair cables, and am not sure why the lubang is smaller than the batang. It comes with my video camera. The USB port jack fits but the other end doesn’t fit into my video camera.

4) I almost grabbed a RM50 note and put it into the ‘red bag’ during mass. Lucky I noticed and pulled my hand back and changed it with RM5. Eh, it was the last RM50 I have and I need to bring my sons to have dinner, ok?

5) I was supposed to go to Bukit Selambau but had a last minute change of plan. So, I ended up in church today. I was dressed for Bukit Selambau so that means some very loose jeans and a dark t-shirt. This is to make me run faster and in case water canon tembak, at least I am not wearing a black bra with white t-shirt. See? I am well-prepared.

6) I am glad I didn’t make it to Bukit Selambau because Anil reported that there is no kejutan besar yet. If you want live coverage, go to Anil’s blog.

7) I attended the CCC by Fr Sebastian and he turned out to be yet another priest who doesn’t mind using words like ‘bullshit’ and ‘damn’. On Thursday, Fr Jojo used the word ‘crap’ and then, ‘oopsie’ when he realised the vocab is foreign to us. Sigh…I love priests who make my religion less constipated.

8 ) In the last week of Lent, there is always a certain sombre and yet jubilant mood that prevails in my convert’s mind. People don’t understand why converts like me have a harder time to adjust to the faith. I had practised one religion for 38 years and then, another one for 6 years. Of course, there are lots of demons and angels fighting the inner war within me. Today, during Fr Sebastian’s class, I learned many things while he was talking. I jotted down whatever that goes through my mind. People must think that I am nuts to have so much to write when they have none.

Two things I noted : Life is not about full-stops and There is no shortcuts. Good blog topics.

9) Me thinks there are far too many dreamers amongst us Malaysians. People dream that DSAI will be the saviour that descends and saves us. People dream that they only get good politicians that fit their expectations 100%. People dream that whatever they wish for, will come true. I don’t know what to think anymore. I tell you, if DSAI does not come up with some really big like ‘KJ joins PKR with a bunch of frogs’ or ‘916 is now 407′, DSAI will forever be the boy who cried wolf. I don’t want to hear anymore about what our PM did. It gets sickening after a while.

10) Chinese has this saying, “Good horse doesn’t graze on the same spot”. Last time, when I resigned from my 12 years tenure with my very good boss, my colleagues betted that I would go back groveling for a job. I told them, “Good horse doesn’t graze on the same spot.” I also told my boss, “I will never regret my decision because when I decide, I never doubt my own decision.” Yet, this saying does not apply to the topmost man. I wonder why…..

I am going to sleep now. I am glad I can still join my siblings’ to Ching Ming my parents’ grave tomorrow. I am so biased. I look forward to Cheng Beng my own parents but become so constipated with Meet the Fockers. I mean my in-laws. Sigh….Wutudo….Life is like that.

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  1. Good morning,aunty Lilian I love reading your blog because you write good and simple English.I wish to write like you, but my grammer not good.Please advise this SJKC girl

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