MIC and PKR events at Bukit Selambau – Malaysiakini video contributed by citizen journalists

Two videos by citizen journalists Lim Boo Seng, Owen Koh and *ahem ahem* Chan Lilian, taken at Bukit Selambau on 1st Apirl, 2009. These videos are on Malaysiakini.tv but also available on Youtube.

The first one is errrmm…rather sensitive. ADun from Hutan Melintang, Kesavan used pantun to talk about Altanthuya. He also challenged BN candidate to have a debate with him in public and call Ganesan, ‘pondan’ if Ganesan dare not take up the challenge. So, I won’t embed the video of Kesavan’s ceramah. You can view it on Youtube.

Earlier, we also went to an MIC dinner where easy-to-apply loans were given to young Indians.

It was so hard to find people to be interviewed. Many people refused to talk to us. However, we have a good team because Owen is good in chatting up the people there while Lim and I hijacked their chat and plonked the video camera and asked for their permission. We told them we are independent journalists before the interview. Then, after the interview, we told them we are trained by Malaysiakini. *evil grins* That usually made them a bit worried but I quickly assured them we are independent and our views are not biased. So, people, do watch the above video and see if Owen (the man who interviewed the first person) and I have been fair and unbiased? LOL, I hope I have been fair in my editing.