The seed has sprouted

The below is a tiny pot of mung beans (green beans) which have sprouted into trees. My boy got five mung beans from his ‘little vegie’ last Saturday. He was so careful not to lose the beans but when we reached home, he found he only had 2 beans left. So, like all good mothers, I ‘borrowed’ three from Tesco because I don’t want my son to be sad over the loss of three beans. I also do not want to waste a few Ringgits over mung beans that I have no intention of cooking because it gives me flatulence.


It is fun to be mom with kids because you get to grow up with them over and over again. Every morning, when we wake up, we will see if the seed has sprouted. And we will be amazed with the speed the seed grow. From these five tiny plants, I can talk about faith and how God can make the ‘small people’ do big things or how a little act of kindness can be a great help to others and so.

So, Good Friday is coming this Friday. Christians are usually ‘expected’ to reflect on what God has done for them. I think the best and precious gift I get from God is this little boy and the baptism of all my boys and I. The little boy borned 10 months after the death of an older brother. We are all baptised when Matthew was only 49 days old.

In the coming days, I hope to get into more reflections and if inspirational stuffs bore you, come back next Monday. Just in time for the three by-elections.

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  1. Good morning, Lilian…
    without fail, i read your blog everyday…you are an amazing
    woman…keep it up!!!


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