If grandpa was a pimp, bookie or Ah Long…

Then, this will be the perfect gift to burn for grandpa.


I found this set at Sunshine Farlim last night and couldn’t help laughing.

I hope whoever bought the set remember to burn some extra money because paying the bills for that many handphones will be a bitch. They have a few service providers there though :




( in case you do not know Chinese, the last two has the die word in them)

I just read that in China and Taiwan, they already have cyber-Ching Ming sites. Kanasai, I hope those site developers do not conned people with real money to buy those cyber chicken and duck, roasted pig and a China doll to serve grandpa.

8 thoughts on “If grandpa was a pimp, bookie or Ah Long…

  1. redbabe – That reminds me, I must tell my sons to burn some gigolos for me. LOL. I want Latin ones.

    blurryleo – Yalor, yalor. Last time the basics of clothes and shoes are ok. Now, every darn thing also they replicate in paper. Aiyor…

    bryan – Yalor, so real. I stood there at Sunshine and laugh and laugh and laugh.

  2. kadusmama – Just between us lah…..got someone who insisted to buy the tongkat for the old man and I told them, die already, still tempang, might as well become ghost better lah, can fly fly like that! Geez, I also don’t like to preach but I beh tahan, told them, “you know hor….we Christians believe when we died already, we no longer tempang, capek, pekak…… all of us are perfect in health and in shape, got plenty to eat there, no need to worry lah, if the last tongkat you burned is still working or not.” I tell you, that’s why I am always so stressed out.

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