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If I am a man, I will marry myself

Well, what can I say? If I am a man, I think I will want to find a wife like me. Because I can cook such awesome dinner for the kids at a fraction of the price I have to pay at ‘chuchar’ stall.

gungpo chicken

Gungpo chicken which is cooked to suit the #2 son’s taste. (recipe for gungpo anything found here)

fried kangkong

For RM1, my wife will be able to cook a big plate of kangkong with garlic, enough fibres to give me a huge pangsai, no need to suffer from constipation every morning.

steamed pork

My considerate wife also cooks another dish to suit the younger kids like this steamed pork with salted egg.

mock duck

My wife also cheated the younger kids to eat a little of the ‘duck that grows on tree’ while she has her own bigger share of soya bean vegetarian duck which give big boobs. *slaps self*


And with the bones of the chicken she removed to make the gungpo chicken, she used it to boil soup with ‘tua thau chye’ or ‘big head, pickled lettuce’. The price of the lettuce costs only 50 sen and the chicken bones are free.

With the amount of money the wife saved, she can use it to buy another gadget really soon. Let’s see…in the last two months, she had bought an Acer laptop, a Canon video camera and now, she is cracking her head what else to buy.

Psst…people, for the next two days, you have to come to the SECOND post to read new post. It is part of the ‘arrangement’. Boleh faham?

16 Responses to “If I am a man, I will marry myself”

  1. if you deep fried the dried chillies, then take it out and let them cool…. then smash the dried chillies… then only put them back with the chicken… very nice…

  2. I love ‘Steamed pork with Ham tan’! CK recently tried dishing out his first Gungpo-Kai with the help of live cooking instructions from his aunt in KL thru’ his mobile phone!

  3. 9pek9bo – LOL, the cost of the phone must be more expensive than eating at restaurant.

  4. Wahlau… all sedap-sedap. I like all the dishes. Slurp.

  5. What a recession friendly wife you are. LoL…

    Bryan´s last blog post..Happy Birthday, Gmail!

  6. omfg!!! boneless gungpo chicken!!!

    🙁 my mum cook all the chicken dishes with bones 1.. that’s why i don’t like eating home that much.

    Robb´s last blog post..Robb’s Past – Changes I Made

  7. Soli, tak faham. U mean 1st is not new? I think my brain jammed today…

  8. suzette – Eheh, nay, the 48 hrs ruling? If you tak paham, means I am very terror in crapping lor.

  9. Nice dishes. My mum make the minced pork with salted eggs also sometimes. Love it.

    CK´s last blog post..Fast and Furious 4

  10. Aiyooo… Hungry liao.

    Hahaha.. I like the “duck which grows on trees” too. Your dishes are scrumptious!

    Thought about buying more gears for your DSLR? I’m thinking of an external flash…

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..It’s Already April!

  11. Thanks. I think I know it now, but still dunno about the 48hrs ruling. Is this new? My God! I have been so behind in all updates!!

  12. … But still can’t deny u r very terror, so natural. Honestly, though I suspected but still couldn’t resist to click the ‘continue’ thingy. LOL!

  13. Delicious… I am drooling and misses my mom when she was about my age now. She cooked with so much care and love. Now she is in her 60s, she is busy dancing, singing 🙁

    Agnes Tan´s last blog post..Project Steam Tapioca Cake with Brown Sweet Crusty Top

  14. Yummm, the dishes look amazing. Laparrrrrr 😀

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  15. Aiyoh! Finally understood! I have been interpreting this wrongly. In fact it is there during unta’s time, but I didn’t follow. I tot it means I cannot change the content. LOL! Thanks for pointing out. :p

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