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Cold blooded murder of a crab

I went to KDU this morning to pay college fees with my credit card (to earn points). As I was going out with my little boy (to drop him in kindie first), I made a U-turn at the door to get some cash from the drawer for my purse. He said, “You must bring six thousand, you know?” Ish, for a six years old, he sure is a busybody. He listens to our conversations and observes all the goings on, treating himself very much an equal at home now.

So, after KDU to swipe my card, I went to the Pulau Tikus market. It is so nice to drive a Viva. Otherwise, I usually avoid the market because of the parking problem and also the crowd. I parked my car and walked several cars away when the parking chap came to collect thirty cents from me. He asked me, “Apa nombor?”

And oh, oh…..I don’t know! I can’t remember all our three cars and two bikes registration number, you know? “Err…tak tau lah, you tengok itu Viva, silver, PJC punya kereta.” The parking chap gave me a wtf look. So, I pun make white lie lah. “Saya pinjam kawan punya kereta, tak tengok pulak apa nombor.”

There is one chap selling mud crabs at the market. He claimed it is from Kuala Gula, Perak. I asked how much and he said RM25 per kilogram. So, I bought four for about RM30. So, I asked him, “Macam mana mau bunuh ini ketam ah? Saya selalu cucuk dia punya mata kasi mati.” Normally, my hubby did all the killing so I figured I better find out how to manage the four live crabs with big claws or else if I wait for him to come back, it will be late night before we can eat.

And he said, “Aiyorr…manyak senang. Lu kasi dia masuk dalam peti sejuk. Lima minit sudah mati.” Doh….and to think that hubby tortured the crabs by stabbing them in the heart and eyes with chopsticks.

So, next time if you have crabs, just give it a cold blooded murder. Quick, easy and safe. Put them in the fridge for five minutes. The cold will kill them. Hmmm…maybe I put them in the freezer, less agonizing and faster death, no?

19 Responses to “Cold blooded murder of a crab”

  1. hahaha!! take longer time to die lah like that!! My dad used to put a live crab in a hot boiling water to kill it!!! Hehehee Fast and easy to die mah..

  2. You sure 5 minutes in the fridge cukup? or did the seller meant freezer leh? 5 minutes in the fridge may not be enough to kill a crab but may put it to sleep. Nanti, they wake up when you want to cook it!

    jaded´s last blog post..Langat Seafood Restaurant and Beer Garden – A great find off the beaten path –

  3. Good one leh as i love crabs but never know how to kill so never buy one oso lah. Can you share how to wash/clean the crab then? Thanks

  4. I do it my mom’s way. Kopeh them alive and chop2; all in all, less than 3 seconds.

  5. sure boh can die like that.
    later they just hibernate and pop back up later hahahaha…

    my father cucuk their ass with a knife, then they will die immediately lo.

    calvaryzone´s last blog post..Vegetable Pau

  6. Eh…tipu wan. I tried. I put the crabs in the freezer for 30 minutes and when we took it out, they are still alive! The cucuk heart method still works the best. But I let the handyman at home do that chore la.

    Foong Speaks Her Mind´s last blog post..Reading the news is SO nauseating

  7. Wahh.. can-meh? 5 minutes in fridge… Saw on TV that you put the fella in the freezer for 1-2hours, then it is said that they die in their “sleep” wor.

    I don’t think my dad will be able to cucuk the crab… cucuk durian he is #1.. HAHA

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..It’s Already April!

  8. Wah…now you guys sked me ledi. My son only finishes his class at 8 pm, my husband pun sama lambat. Like this, I must sendiri bunuh dengan kejam sekali the four crabs lah? Wuah…bad karma, later, I walk like crabs, how lah? Don’t care, I wanna eat them, I gotta kill them. *stab stab stab*

    I had a video on Youtube on how to kill a crab, taken long time ago.

  9. Just turn them upside down and stab them right in the middle. For better measure, use chopsticks to also poke into the leg joints. Sigh….all on Holy Week 😛

    Praise God for His providence 😀

    pablopabla´s last blog post..Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg

  10. I used to “kill” the crabs by placing them in the freezer. But then someone told me that the most “humane” way to kill a crab is a sharp stab to the heart – Instant death for the crab. Though the crab may still move after the stab it is just muscle spasm worrr…the crab no longer feel pains. Compared to a slow freezing death in the fridge. Actually they don die in the freezer one..just sleep. If you leave them outside for a while, they “wake up” again.

  11. pablo – “I created all the creatures on earth, in the air, in the water…for your consumption…” Correct mah….So I obediently consume what.

  12. Try put it into the freezer and see. Faster mah. LoL…

    Btw, youtube link not working keh?

    Bryan´s last blog post..Happy Birthday, Gmail!

  13. Bryan – LOL, Youtube down? I tried main Youtube pun tak boleh.

  14. My mum teaches me the same method you use. Cucuk at the eyes. But my MIL uses the method of stabbing at the stomach side.

    choonie´s last blog post..Real/RMVB Media Player

  15. Personally, I plump for the stake through the heart method. It’s a lot quicker, both for me & for the crab.

    Did you know, btw, research has shown crabs sense & remember pain? As though I wasn’t already feeling guilty enough about our methods of slaughtering pigs, cows and chickens…

    Sheena´s last blog post..Pet dog survives 4 months on remote Australian island. Can a UK medical graduate survive 2 years on Borneo island?

  16. sheena – I didn’t commit murder. Don’t have the heart lah, the eyes looking at me desperately, pleading, please save me! My son came back from school and stabbed the thing. I put the crabs in the fridge for about 30 mins and they came out all alive.

  17. *Roll eyes*

    When I have crabs, I go to the restaurant and get them to do it. LOL.

    Eh, good to swipe and earn points then pay B4 due date. Untung. Then use the points to redeem vouchers. I chalked up about 80,000 points the last 2 months. LOL. Banks are suckers!!!

  18. 5xmom,

    you made my day. i laugh a lot while reading this post.


  19. That is the “humane” way of killing the crabs, even according to AFC but one of the series(also from AFC), a chef said that even though that is the humane way to do it, it is not the best way as the crab do not taste as good if it is cooked alive!
    So, how like that, you want better taste or humane way?