I went to KDU this morning to pay college fees with my credit card (to earn points). As I was going out with my little boy (to drop him in kindie first), I made a U-turn at the door to get some cash from the drawer for my purse. He said, “You must bring six thousand, you know?” Ish, for a six years old, he sure is a busybody. He listens to our conversations and observes all the goings on, treating himself very much an equal at home now.

So, after KDU to swipe my card, I went to the Pulau Tikus market. It is so nice to drive a Viva. Otherwise, I usually avoid the market because of the parking problem and also the crowd. I parked my car and walked several cars away when the parking chap came to collect thirty cents from me. He asked me, “Apa nombor?”

And oh, oh…..I don’t know! I can’t remember all our three cars and two bikes registration number, you know? “Err…tak tau lah, you tengok itu Viva, silver, PJC punya kereta.” The parking chap gave me a wtf look. So, I pun make white lie lah. “Saya pinjam kawan punya kereta, tak tengok pulak apa nombor.”

There is one chap selling mud crabs at the market. He claimed it is from Kuala Gula, Perak. I asked how much and he said RM25 per kilogram. So, I bought four for about RM30. So, I asked him, “Macam mana mau bunuh ini ketam ah? Saya selalu cucuk dia punya mata kasi mati.” Normally, my hubby did all the killing so I figured I better find out how to manage the four live crabs with big claws or else if I wait for him to come back, it will be late night before we can eat.

And he said, “Aiyorr…manyak senang. Lu kasi dia masuk dalam peti sejuk. Lima minit sudah mati.” Doh….and to think that hubby tortured the crabs by stabbing them in the heart and eyes with chopsticks.

So, next time if you have crabs, just give it a cold blooded murder. Quick, easy and safe. Put them in the fridge for five minutes. The cold will kill them. Hmmm…maybe I put them in the freezer, less agonizing and faster death, no?