Thou shalt love thou neighbour’s gossip

Over a dinner of grilled crab, homemade roasted pork and fish bee hoon…

Wife : Eh, dear, the first floor neighbour’s unit is for rent, M (my relative who comes for house cleaning twice a week) told me.

Husband : He is not selling? It is a nice unit. Can buy.

Wife : Choy……don’t want ler…..bad fengshui. The wife ran away with another man, like that home cannot stay one. Bad chi, bad chi. Later I also run away with another man. *laffs till fall off chair*

Eh, M told me he got married again. Just recently, married in church with grand, big wedding wor. You seen the new wife?

Husband : Got….these few days, I saw one woman with him.

Wife : How come you don’t tell me one? *perks up, tentacles on, loving a good gossip* How come I have never seen before? How is she? Pretty?

Husband : Much prettier than the first wife. I think she got a kid too, saw her carrying a child.

Wife : How old is she?

Husband : I think 35 to 40 years.

Wife : Chey……the first wife stupid la. Go ran away with that man. Rugi only. Now, children also she doesn’t get, house also don’t get, husband pulak married prettier woman. I heard the man is now staying in (some rich man area) so that’s why he is renting out this unit.

Husband : Sure lah…the woman must have big bungalow. If not hor, why you think he marries again lah. *gives the ‘mr. know-it-all’ look*

Wife : Cilaka, you think people re-marry because the woman is rich meh?

Anyway, I checked my old post (where the wife was out with another man) and then, (eventually left her three kids and husband) and noticed that it has been five years since the wife left. And I am happy the man has found a new mother for his three kids. God indeed works in marvelous way. I know he turned to Christianity after the wife left. This is what finding Christ after a storm means.

BTW, if you also like a good gossip with a happy ending, the last I heard, the woman who left the family was found waiting for a bus in some part of Penang. The man I saw her with was quite the rough labourer and not even handsome. The husband is.

Moral of the story : No wife or mom is indispensable. Arrggh..what I wanted to say is they can easily be replaced, contrary to what we wife/mother think.

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