A place where they treat my head like cheap car wash

This is mobile blogging. I am sitting here with clock ticking at 35:21.
I come to this place where I feel like putting my head into those cheap automated car wash where you drive in and they put suds then shower then dry then polish…you get the gist?

Being the no lifer that I am, i decided to get a hair cut and colouring within 2 hours because i need to pick my kid. So they did the hit and run routine for me. Now I am sitting here counting the seconds till they wash off this glob of stinky dye. 30:02 till washing time. Damn hard to type on my mobile phone , you know?

I wonder when I am 70 years old would I care about my hair anymore. There is this old Ah Poh who is undecided to blow or set her hair. I am 44 y.o. and I don’t know the difference. Doh!

Last night I dreamt of my legless crabs. Bawlsss. I put them in the fridge and one dropped its claws. I felt so guilty and had nightmare on bringing carrying a legless crab-man on my back from tanjung bungah to batu maung. Now i wake so tired.

By the way, jimmy my CJ coursemate told me he went to bukit selambau and took photo of my heart-throb wor. I didn’t know Nicholas Cage or Robert DeNiro went to Bukit selambau. Who is Jimmy talking about ah?

10 thoughts on “A place where they treat my head like cheap car wash

  1. Haha… can’t believe that you’re that creative just to think about going into a auto car wash. Not sucha good idea, you do know that the brushes can smack you real good rite :p Keep the posts coming!

    Haute Habits´s last blog post..The Mid-Week Syndrome

  2. kadusmama – The crabs tak mampus punnnn…I left them before I went to fetch my #2 and #3, came back half an hour later, they shed their claws! Crazy crabs so sadistic one….they self mutilated themselves. Lucky my #3 damn daring, he stabbed the crabs for me. Such agonies….adoi, sedapnyerrr

  3. 1/2 and hour also tak mati, then cannot use the fridge method already lah!! Who la created this method of killing???
    If i were you, I will freak out setengah mati if i see crabs shed their claws..!!! Crazy crabs!!

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..7 hours in Genting Highlands

  4. 9pek9bo – If samybulu gives me a palace in India, I don’t mind ler. That suratkhabar lama no pigi Bukit Selambau wor.

  5. Wah lau eh, what color did you come out from the car wash finally? Not a french poodle look right? After you scare aware your “gau cheong” lah.

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