I saw a tiny column in The Star today where CM Lim Guan Eng said Hilmi Yahya (BN) is a sourgrape. And I must agree with the CM because I have also seen a blogpost by Pemuda Gerakan where they claimed that Penang has an acute shortage of hardcore poor people to help during their Gerakan-led government. You know what? The previous UMNO/Gerakan/MCA Penang state government really can tok kok all day long. Give them so many decades to run the state government, they never do anything. But now, so clever to tok kok all day long. I have just seen the blog by the UMNO Balik Pulau and I tell you, even a 12 years old kid can present better looking blog with more matured views.

UMNO Penang

The above is the newspaper cuttings from The Star. And below is the video edited by Lim Boo Seng, my CJ coursemate on the event. Hilmi Yahya may want to note that the CM never said there is no more hardcore poor. The CM repeatedly said it is an ongoing effort to help the hardcore poor and they will do a review every three months.

Haih…janganlah korek sarang tebuan….Dengar CM cakap, kebanyakan keluarga miskin tegar tu datang dari kawasan Seberang Perai yang di bawah UMNO…