Damn depressing

Fifteen minutes more to pick my son and it started raining heavily again. If this goes on for another 1 hour, we are going to get flood again.

Sigh…damn depressing to walk to the car and drive in the jam. And hor, Penang drivers are not very smart people. Inspite of the dark, gloomy weather, heavy rain, black tar road and their equally black car, they never thought of turning on the lights. Damn stupid one. It is very hard to judge the distance of the car at the back when you want to change lane.

magic mushroom

Anyway, this morning, I found a magic mushroom growing in the patch of grass where my car was parked. I was so delighted to see a huge bun like mushroom grown out of nowhere. Just like the toadstool and pixie in Enid Blyton’s stories.

I wonder what will happen if I eat a piece of that mushroom? Will I get a high and dance naked in the rain? Sigh…

Time to brave the rain. I hope it doesn’t flood. Not at least until all my children are back from college, secondary school and kindie. After that, flood also never mind, I can SOS the ADun of my kawasan to come rescue us in a boat. Nay…the ADun of Kawasan Air Putih..

Sigh…rain. I hate it.

8 thoughts on “Damn depressing

  1. In 1U area now, the clouds are dark and signs of heavy thunderstorm looming. I too hope it doesn’t rain till I send my daughter to school, then can pour like cats and dogs also no problem…..
    Don’t try the mushroom, might be poisonous…..
    You know during rainy season like this, best you have a loud car horn, then ah, any “dick” that drives recklessly or annoys you ah, honk that car till he/she straighten up! If they buat tak tau, honk and flash them, then show them the universal “sign” of love!
    He, he, he….must be the weather making me a little perky today….

  2. kadusmama/toolan – I don’t want to get so high that I dance naked in the rain, so I wont’ dare to touch it!

  3. Some of these idiotic drivers think they can drive like blind ppl in the dark. They fail to realize the danger they pose to themselves and other drivers, tiu…

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