Papa, flood coming

My boy took part of the this video to show his papa the ride home from kindie. Some of the roads are submerged in water but lucky the water level is not that high around 12 noon. It is still raining and I suppose we are going to experience yet another flood.

Towards the end of the video, the clip shows the huge monsoon drain in my Taman already overflowing. Recently, the Jabatan Perairan came to deepen the monsoon drain, I think. But it is still overflowing…..

BTW, can you hear the ‘zinc roof’ of my Viva during heavy rain?

6 thoughts on “Papa, flood coming

  1. Aiyoh going to flood again ah? Now still raining at my place.

    This morning, a journey (to and from my daughter’s school)which usually takes less than 15 mins. took me almost an hour!!

  2. Momo – Green Lane where Penang Free is in deep water but passable lah. I was so worried my little Viva masuk air but don’t care, lap eu boh chap.

  3. something irrelevant to this post. it is such a pleasure to hear the Penang slang with its unique Penang English, the highs and lows. it is almost sing song adoned by rhe lah, the loh, the ah..etc. . i miss the beauty of the language

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  4. Lilian, nanti our Viva float in the flood!! Hahaha! Youy take photos to show the CM lah!

    I don’t wan to go near your taman when there’s heavy rain.

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