PM Najib’s new cabinet

UPDATE : Mukhriz is in, Khairy no bayang?
(please ignore all the typing errors and spelling errors because I type as Najib reads)

Your neighbourhood auntie cum citizen journalist who is shaking legs at home will bring to you live the new cabinet line-up.

I am only interested to hear if KJ is in and I want to know the fate of our beloved Home Minister who puts people into ISA to protect them.

Watch this space…

The PM has so many bodyguards.

Some of the ministries I can think off right now :

Transport –
Education –
Finance –
Defence –
Home Affair –
Foreign Affair –
Tourism –
Health –
Agriculture –

15 minutes later…..

I say…cut the talk and get to business lah…

20 minutes later…

Aisay….dah ngantuk, pak


Two ministries dibubar, replaced with :

Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air –

Perpaduan dan Prestasi –

PM – Najib
DPM – Muhydeen
Min. in PM’s dept. – Koh Tsu Koon – Perpaduan
Nazri – Law & parlimen
Nor Md Yakub – Perancang ekonomi
Jamil K bahrum – agama islam

Finance – Najib
2nd – Ahmad Husni
Dpt – Chor Chee Heong

Muhideen – Eudcation

Transport – Ong Tee Keat

Agri. commoodity- Bernard Dompok

Home affiair – Hishamudin

Info/culture – Rais Yatim

Tenaga/hijau – Peter Chin Fa Kui

Luar bandar – Shaffiee Apdal

High edu – Khaled Nordin

International – Mustafa Mohd
Mukhriz -dpty

Science – Maximus ONgkili

SUmber asli – Unggah Embas

Tourism – Ng Yen Yen

Agri – Nor Omar

Defence – Ahmad Zahid

Kerja raya – Shaziman

Health – Leow Tiong Lai

Belia – Shabery Cheek

Sumber Manusia – S. Subramaniam

Perdangang dalam negeri – Ismail Sabery

Perumahan – Kong Chor Ha

Wanita – Sharizat Jalil

Anifa (some ministry lah)

Wilayah Persekutuan – Nong Chik

13 thoughts on “PM Najib’s new cabinet

  1. Hazel – Congrats lah! I tak sempat nak taip. Lagi pun, tak minat kat deputy posts. The full list on Malaysiakini dah.

  2. koh tsu kun, shahrizat, chew mei fun are IN! Sigh… non-MP also can be ministers. @_@

  3. Tun T – Najib no choice mah, Gerakan is like the last straw of ever winning Penang back. Najib hopes next GE, Gerakan can gerak to wrest Penang back from MY CM mah. So mah kasi muka to him lor. After all, Penang so many Chinese, must win our hearts wor.

  4. Ehhh, Najib forgot a special one just for Minister of Blog sphere lah! That is why they are always blurr blurr when comes to www one……

  5. echoing dani… yea, how can non-MP be minister. not chosen by the ppl can stand up there and lead the nation?

  6. Gerakan is no longer relevant in Penang. That is why its President has to masuk belakang pintu Parlimen.

    Haiya, LGE ada jawatan kosong in our state gomen ar. Maybe can give it to KTK better than for him to ‘jaga pintu’ perpaduan and prestasi menteri (what the heck is that)…

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