A downcast sky on Good Friday

I just came back from KDU Bon Apetit Restaurant (a place for their students to treat guinea pigs like us). Had lunch there because my son and his friends are cooking. I need tickets to eat there and he managed to get 3 for me and my three kids. I will write about that later. So, it is not a day of fasting or sad reflections for me today because one can only feel sad that much and then, no more.

However, I had been humming this song over and over again. The only part I know is ‘Here I am Lord, is it I, Lord?’ So imagine I repeat that over and over again? That’s why I decided to dig the Youtube video and put them on my blog.

It is 3 pm and like I told my sons, ‘At 3 pm, the sky is going to turn dark because that is the hour when Jesus breathed His last.’ Of course, my sons aren’t the zombies kind so they argued with me, “Chey…rainy season, sure the sky is cloudy.” I insisted, “No leh, you don’t believe, you see how gloomy it is at 3 pm.” And indeed it is very gloomy sky now.

Actually, I had scheduled my ownself in the duty roster to do the lector’s duty at 12 noon mass because usually, the others are probably working, leaving people like me free. But someone changed her 8 pm duty with me and hence, I have to take the ‘big’ mass tonight. I actually am freaked out at the thought of being sandwiched by two of my lectors’ chiefs. (one previous, one present chief) Good Friday is when the church is extra ordinary sombre because we had stripped off all the flowers and decorations and even the music is using minimum music instrument. It has that overwhelming holy and serene feel on Good Friday.

(I love this song with clips from Passion of Christ)

But never mind, I just remind myself that I have come a long way. Seven years ago, I wasn’t even a Christian. However, Good Friday was already significant to me. Therefore, with much thanksgiving, sense of belonging to Christ, faith that we can do all things through Him, I am comforted that I am now one of the millions of Christians in this world. I love this religion of mine where we go through rituals to remember our Lord. Without them, it is not easy to connect the heart part with the mind part to come up with the faith part.

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  1. Hi Lilian,

    it rained in KL too. Singapore as well. Plus Penang. 3 places raining simultaneously. Dont know about other areas, maybe your readers can tell. 🙂

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