This evening, my ‘chief’ called me and she told me the weirdest thing. She asked about these weekdays and weekends duties. You see, we have two groups, one group does the weekday duties and one group, which is my group, do the weekend duties. I recently help to arrange the roster for the weekenders.

So, what my chief told me is “Someone said on Tuesday, she was supposed to read but you (yes, me, the 5xmom) went up instead.” I was like wtf, when did I ever go to church on weekdays? Nowadays, I am like patah kaki since my hubby is working full time. I don’t get to go out of my home as and when I like and I was still lacking a car. Imagine a mother cow tied to the home? That’s me.

Moreover, the less I have to be on duty, the better. So, how the heavens do people see me going up (to read the Bible) on a weekday, dei?

Of course, I am not all defensive about it because words get filtered by mouth and they can get twisted out of hand. So, I laughed and told my chief, the last time I read was more than a month ago. I cannot figure out how people can mistaken someone else as me.

Come to think of it, I think it is freaky. I wonder what are these people thinking? That we are ‘enroaching’ on their ‘territory’? That I am abusing my duty roster to put me, myself, I, 5xmom, chanlilian more often than others? Puhleez…..I even had to reluctantly roster myself only at 7 am slots because not many people wants to do it.

Damn…I am still curious who came up with the idea that I ‘grab’ her duty. How can anyone mistaken me? There is only one pretty 5xmom, you know? Hahahahahahahahaha *laughs like a hyena at her own joke*

The bleh of volunteering. But never mind, I got lots of patience.