Phew…finally, all the Holy Week activities are over. Choir is over, masses are over and now it is time to pig out on an Easter dinner. Not that I have planned any but Easter is a good excuse to overeat.

easter eggs

I think Father Fabian summed up the whole meaning of resurrection in a very easy to understand explanation. It goes something like, “When you love again, after you have lost a love, you are risen with Christ again, when you trust again, after you have been betrayed, you are resurrected with Christ again…..”

Mass last night was beautiful. Mass this morning is beautiful too. Now, I want to take a nap already. Too much holiness and church drained the energy out of me, you know? Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – four days in a row of churchie stuffs is enough for the year.

This morning, while I was having my last choir practice, a person came up to me and insisted she saw me in church, taking someone’s lector duty on a weekday (I am a weekend one) . This time, instead of hearing it from my weekend lector’s chief, I heard it from the witness herself. I was like “OMG, I think you need cataract operation and an ear doctor to check your ears. I have no business reading a weekday reading, I have not been to church on weekday evenings simply because I have no car, no babysitter and no time and I didn’t feel so holy to go for weekday masses! You are seeing the devil herself, definitely not me.” But I told her she must be mistaken because I didn’t even go to church. You know what?

She doesn’t look convince and I couldn’t care either. She said, “Yes, WE saw it was you! But never mind….

I was like, “What do you mean never mind? I was not even in church! ” but I decided it is pointless to argue. Sheesh…I still wonder how people can see images of me when I am not even there? Maybe I have become so holy, I have apparitions like Mother Mary. Or the devil himself took a liking to The Obnoxious 5xmom and decided to shed his horns and don my Boney M hairstyle. Muahahahar….