I am beginning to run out of things to do in the mornings. By the time I dropped my son, it is already too hot to go for any walk in the park. I am too cheapskate to pay for gym membership. Bah, anyway, LOL, I am not an exercise person. Why live for so long? PAMMMM! Heart attack, die fast fast, easy mah?

And then, my spoilt brat insisted that I must be there waiting for him when he is let out of his class. There was this one day where I was about five minutes late. He finished at 12 noon and my car reached the school at 12:07 (minus 3 minutes faster clock, it was only 12:04.) He came to me with tears about to explode into big river. The teacher let them out a few minutes earlier so waiting for me must have been an agony likedat. Niamah, he nagged me the whole day until the next morning still nag…”You lor, come so late, I wait so long, don’t be late again”. He managed to bring in the same sentence in all our conversation!

If that’s not enough, he got his Gingee (the gingerbread man soft toy) to ‘scold’ me, “Stupid mommy, come so late.” You see, what he dare not do, his Gingee does for him. It is like the third voice. Since he looked like he was so traumatised, I pretend to give chance to Gingee. Otherwise, I will give him a slap. The boy, not the toy.

When the father came back from work, he reported to him. Niamah, I told my hubby, “You lah, spoilt him, always wait for him 5-10 minutes before he finished class. Now you go to work, I kena stand in the sun and wait. If you dare complain also, go hire a driver for me.”

So, now, I have exactly 9 am till 11.40 am which I am free. That is not enough for me to do any volunteer work unless the place doesn’t mind this voluntary worker who cuts off conversation mid point and cabut with shrieks, “I am late, I am late, I am late” like the hare from Alice in Wonderland.

Now, my option is to go somewhere for breakfast and then, maybe to the wet market to buy some foods for our meals. Otherwise, it is to Tesco for some grocery shopping and flirting with old retirees who has no heir but a fat EPF account hehehehehe. Then, I come home and waste time online until exactly 11:40 am and I must leave the house.

After two months, I am getting tired of the ritual. Next month, hopefully, I am going to take the second part of the psychology class by Father Ignatius Huan. I don’t know if the time clash with picking up my son. If it does, I am going to make him stay back for lunch at his kindie with half day care. Like my #2 son said, “Ma….if you don’t toughen him up a bit, he is going to be a chau ah kua already. When I was small, I already stay full daycare at four years old. This guy six years old already, five minutes also can cry. What lah….chau ah kua in the making….”

Now, my daily lives is to worry where to find new place to have breakfast. I had eaten dim sum on my own, which is not fun because I only managed to eat two plates! *Lonely, I am so lonely, I got nobody, to eat dim sum with meeeeeee eeee.* And no, I don’t want to eat with you either.