I am a woman. And yet, there is something that I can never quite understand. I was thumbing through the papers and there was this section for women. It is some special pull-out for women.

And if we gauge women by the things they advertised in those crappy pullout section, I think we women are nothing but a piece of meat. There are lots and lots of slimming pills, slimming centres, slimming wraps and diet pills. Then, there are hair removal services. Another column talked about tummy fats. One more about hair replacement. Some spa services. Lots of cosmetics. Fashions, shoes, bags…..

It is all about the physical look of a woman. The woman has to be slim, hairless at some parts, hair-full at the head and coloured up with all the ICI paints.

And the scary thing is, there is nothing intellectual for her. All these commercials have reduced women to nothing but an airhead with no legs hair, no armpit hairs, Brazillian wax where it should be and not an ounce of extra fats. No wrinkles, no fine lines yadda yadda yadda…

I personally think it is stupid if one subscribes to these ideal women image dictated by the money hungry enterprises like the slimming centres, hair removal centres, spas, wrinkle removal, etc etc.

I tell you, even if you go to the grave, you will still be worried about your looks. You will be turning in your coffin, wondering if the embalmer has given you the right shade of blusher and lipstick and had comb your hair properly. You wonder if your husband has got the right mahogany tone for the coffin etc etc.

And that’s one thing that I wouldn’t want to end up with. That’s why there are certain days when I totally forget about skincare, dressing up or do anything like that. The rebellious streak gives me a high. I can look into the face of the overly make-up auntie and silently say, ‘Screw you, I love being myself without all the fake facade. So what?’

The peer pressures are definitely there. Mrs. Wong from down the road is sporting a new hairstyle. Mrs. Rajoo is wearing a new imported saree. Puan Rosmah just had a tummy tuck and had her moustache removed. All these of course makes us who don’t prim very, very insecure. It is like, ‘OMG, they look so well pruned. What will people think of me? That my husband cannot afford it? That I am suicidal? That I am uglier than them?’

And I tell you…..if you go to some place with lots of women, you are going to get lots of questions and comments. There will be quizzical looks with questions in their mind like why you look like the maid.

Seriously….I think it is time we women tell the commercials and advertisements to go and die because we certainly do not need that much make-up, slimming and all the exterior decorations. If we don’t do that, soon, our daughters (ahahaha, not that I have any) are going to get their lives screwed with so much peer pressures and competitions.

(Our family bonding way, wear the same coloured t-shirts when we go out. This is the red versus white gang.)

Sigh….I have seen some mothers of teenage girls wearing clothes like their teens with big bows and polka dots and all the ribbons. Cute shoes and tiny cute handbags. Arrggh…nightmare, I tell you. Thank GOD I don’t give birth to four girls or I will probably be too busy primping along with them. Imagine how much I would missed out on life then?