This morning, like every morning, I have to endure the same ole same ole routine of dropping my little boy in kindie and then, fetching him. I love to fetch and pick him, of course. But it is the bleh of dealing with those other drivers.

There are the grandpa & grandma drivers, the women who drive a Kancil but think their cars are as wide as a bus and those women who are made of wax.

The grandpa and grandma combo will stop the car in front of the kindie’s gate while grandma slowly walks to fetch the grand kid. On the way, she has to stop and chat.

The women who drive Kancil but think their cars are buses usually dare not move eventhough there are plenty of spaces for their Kancil to pass. I am sure many of you know how frustrating it is when the oncoming car dare not come forward, causing massive jam? You just feel like getting down from your car and scream.

Meanwhile, the women who are made of wax are the kind who will leave the engine running right in front of the kindie because they cannot get out in the hot sun. And that cause even more jam.

So, while I was stuck in the middle of these frustrating situation, I suddenly had a flashback. I wonder what had prompted me to resign from my job back in 1998? What got into me to take that bold decision to exchange an aircond office, fat paycheck, good boss, clout in the office and the status of the office bitch to be on the road with these super si peh pek cek (extremely constipated) situation? Day in day, I have to deal with moronic and idiotic drivers.

Sigh…I must be one damn self-sacrificing individual. When our church talks about self-sacrifice, I know they are talking about me, and Jesus. Hehehe. Otherwise, how the hell can I stand being stuck with this routine of driving amongst the blur sotongs when I could have sit smugly in an office and give orders (from my boss lah) to top management?

I swear….when my kids have their kids, I am so not gonna drive my grandkids. I want to drive alone so that I can start cursing in full instead of what I am doing now. All my cusses now are in acronyms. KNN, what the …CCB, drive faster can ah, ee eh mak …slow down and let me get over to that right lane, I am turning, I am not jumping queue ok, you ass…..

So, women, don’t leave your jobs for your kids unless you are absolutely sure. I never regret my decision but sometimes, I do wonder…