Is that Koh Tsu Koon wearing a turban?

I got this tiny screenshot from JeffOoi’s blog after reading ‘Mana ‘Head Prefect’ Kita?. I immediately went to check my copy of The Star but I didn’t see the same yellow head man in Star’s photo.


So, people, do you have a copy of Utusan? Is that our honorable ex-Chief Minister of Penang Koh Tsu Koon wearing a turban? I am just curious, that’s all.


While having my breakfast this morning, something came to mind. I was eating this karipap ubi and drinking kopi-o. And I wonder why our Prime Minister wants to build 1Malaysia when we are already very much One Malaysia? We are very one Malaysia right now, aren’t we? The only ones who are driving wedges are them. We are wise enough not to bother about provocative news like the one in the headlines on Utusan. Or should we care about provocative posts like the one Rocky Bru’s posted. Shame on you, Protem President of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) for putting up cheap shot like this.

14 thoughts on “Is that Koh Tsu Koon wearing a turban?

  1. looking at the photo n matching with the title, it seems like utusan is saying that the PM is being ‘FORCE’ into doing this…. hahaha

  2. The majority of us feels Malaysian already, it’s only BN side that is feeling lost coz of the “ketuanan” issue. This morning’s Malaysian Insider has this from PM Najib : and giving him the benefit of doubt, he is seen to be trying to change the mindset of his own party with a little twist too it(to make it look like it’s his mark).
    Anyway, I do not subscribe to Utusan and I only read halfway before getting all worked up. Then went to PM Najib’s 1Malaysia website and give my 2 cents worth!
    So, what happen to our Home Minister, why didn’t clamp down on Utusan? Why the editors are not called up to explain on such “seditious” article? Where is the ISA when we need one?

  3. Everyone – Do take a look at The Star main page on the car launch. That is one photo that says a thousand words.
    1) Look! My shadow, the antique suratkhabar lama is standing there to grab the limelight from me.
    2) I am clenching my fist and standing straight like a plank because I feel there is another shadow hovering over me, with long hair.
    3) See? I am forcing a smile on my face…

    and the list goes on.

  4. Prefect is checking whether his boy is flipping them correctly. KPI mah. Bwahahaaha!!!

  5. terence – I tell you lah, no need so hard to flip cappati wan….if the leader is serious in winning the hearts of the community, that day fast fast scold their ‘kids’ who crashed parliament to challenge a physically challenged man in wheelchair can liao, hor?

  6. No Mr Koh Tsu Koon is NOT wearing a turban. .He is just wearing a cloth that covers the head.. thats all..

    And all these politicans.. going to gurdwara to make chappati.. if they feel by doing this they can win hearts.. All i can say is BELAHHHH laaa.

  7. The headline caught my attention more than the yellow turban. IN fact geram to see the headline… if that is not provocation…then what is?

  8. wmd – I am used to their ‘melatah’ behaviour so it no longer surprise me. But do read those comments on Rocky’s Bru and get a glimpse of the ‘real world’. Fuyoh, if people go by the standard of those hypocrites there, we will all grow wings and have halo. Be warned, it is like venturing into the land of the Pharisees.

  9. Aiyah, Rocky’s site cannot see one lah, at one time he was okay but lately, just after the March 08 election, something inside him must have snapped coz he seem to be pro-BN after that. Don’t go there anymore coz everyone there is cakap tak serupa bikin one.
    There is another blogger call Hang Jebat, sama sama one, your blood really boil one when you read it’s content. Really toolan!

  10. These Rocky and Hang Jebat people are either Umno or ex-umno, right? So they are just showing their true colours…

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