I got this tiny screenshot from JeffOoi’s blog after reading ‘Mana ‘Head Prefect’ Kita?. I immediately went to check my copy of The Star but I didn’t see the same yellow head man in Star’s photo.


So, people, do you have a copy of Utusan? Is that our honorable ex-Chief Minister of Penang Koh Tsu Koon wearing a turban? I am just curious, that’s all.


While having my breakfast this morning, something came to mind. I was eating this karipap ubi and drinking kopi-o. And I wonder why our Prime Minister wants to build 1Malaysia when we are already very much One Malaysia? We are very one Malaysia right now, aren’t we? The only ones who are driving wedges are them. We are wise enough not to bother about provocative news like the one in the headlines on Utusan. Or should we care about provocative posts like the one Rocky Bru’s posted. Shame on you, Protem President of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) for putting up cheap shot like this.