Learning bug

This is going to be an enlightening weekend with a workshop on “Critical
Video Distribution Workshop”.
Details available here. It was a last minute confirmation and I am glad to get a seat because it will be very relevant to what I had learnt from the ICFJ-Malaysiakini Citizen Journalism course. The famous Fahmi Reza of 10 tahun sebelum Merdeka is going to be there. It is from there I learnt about hartal and the might of the people. Do watch the documentary on 10 tahun Merdeka. It is available online.

The freaky thing is the place where it is held WAS my office for about 8 years, back in the late 80s and early nineties. It will be nostalgic to step into the very much run-down building. Weld Quay seems so neglected and messy during Lee Hack Teik’s (Gerakan) tenure. I hope DAP brings some life back to this place. Ahhh…I remember how the head of the triad used to visit my office because he had ‘kamcheng’ with my big boss. Wonder if I can still recognise him, just in case….’Friends in high places’ like these are very useful one.

And for Catholics who wish to learn about human development and spiritual growth, Father Huan is back again to conduct the course on ANTHROPOLOGY & SPIRITUALITY. This course was last taught in 2005 and 2007 under the title DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

Previous students of the course take note.

Details :
Classes will be held on Mondays at 9.40am -11.25pm & Thursdays 10.40am-12.20pm. Course Fee RM100.

For further information please contact Evelyn Ambrose on 8902002 in the mornings or email bookings( @ )collegegeneral.org.

I am going to take it because it will be very relevant for our own spiritual growth and also as parent and catechism class teacher. The only snag is to negotiate with my spoilt brat that he has to have lunch in his kindie on Thursdays. Round One : Mom 0 – Kid 1. He said, “Nooooo…I can wait for you for one hour outside the school. Can………I sit and wait.” I dare not push it too fast or else he goes “Bawlllsss…I only want my mommy!!!!”

So, yeah, I am glad to be back to some form of routine like attending Father Huan’s class.