I don’t know why I bother – PIKOM PC Fair in PISA, PINANG

Long day ahead. Long day on Saturday. Yet, I went to the horrendous place call PC Fair because we are just one of those people who must not be left out of the mob of people hunting for cheap bargains.

I bought at 320 GB Seagate HDD at RM263. Would love the 1.5TB one but I hate plugging in the power point and etc. I took some video to show people how desperate four broadband companies are in getting people to sign up to their slowest broadband, most unreliable broadband, non-existence broadband and all talk but no service broadband.

I hope the video gives everyone a headache because it does to me. Have a nice Sunday! On my behalf.

16 thoughts on “I don’t know why I bother – PIKOM PC Fair in PISA, PINANG

  1. I find the frequency of this fare is getting too close. In fact I did not go to the last three PC fair already in KL as it is usually the same thing. Then in terms of bargains, actually I can get them 366 days from Low Yat, even the participants of the fair admitted that these days, there is not much different of pricing during and after the fair, if you go to Low Yat.
    Anyway, during the early days of these type of fair, it was not so much about getting bargain goods but to see and learn what new technology or system are in the market or soon to be in the market. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Santa Crux, Sun Micro, Linux etc have showcases or talks to let IT savvy people know what to expect in coming months and what it is all about. But now, it has lost it’s purpose, to me lah and like you just said, it’s one big mad rush and people pushing and running at your face.

  2. terence – I like the 1.5T lah…I can put all my Ron videos inside.

    bryan – Yalor, the Maxtor is cheaper but I like the lights. So cun.

  3. Hi Lilian and people of Penang:

    yes I got back from PC Fair 2 hours ago after ditching (literally) the modem by M company two days ago. Now, I just got a new one by C company at the fair. Let’s see how how long I will be with the service this time.

    The crowd was crazy and the loud noise gave me headache 😛

    IMHO the ISPs are just like a dictator who needs to be toppled by people power revolution. We allow them to step over our heads for far too long.

    I wish we have an alternative rather than having to bow to TMNet who leases the line to other ISPs even though the demand is way too much compared to the supply.

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  4. Selamat malam…

    Dah lama tak pegi PC Fair sebab ramai sangat orang dan bak kata Toolan, harga barang lebih kurang Lowyat dan DigitalMall.

    Tapi kalau pegi dulu pun lebih kepada nak tengok promoter2 cun ala-ala gadis litar Japan GT tgh promosi printer dan laptop.

    Wahaha..shame on me for those years…

  5. Money talks.

    My sources told me with money, they can ‘tune’ the speed to a higher/faster speed. Check with the heavy user, eg. CCs. Up to 10Mbps I was told.

    You have 1.5Tb of Ron’s videos???????? Worth millions I tell you. Niamah!!!

  6. Eric – Wahh….what brand lah? Diff brands, with diff warranties diff prices wor.

    Mat Kepuk – Sekarang gadis pimple-pimple berlambak tu. Hahaha.

  7. your music ord gives me headache.
    PC fair with no promoters in bikinis? mana shiok? lol.
    i’ll tell u, there is a conspiracy in these broadband providers. other countries ord provide up to 150Mbps (Jippun).
    if these providers in Malaya don hurry hurry upgrade their fibre optic network, all talks are like smoke screens.
    package I took up costs M$30 for 8Mbps (40GB limit/mth) here. never had a drop line wt average download speeds of 2-3Mbps.

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  8. Hmmm… During the PC Fair, you’ll see teams of promoters from all the broadband companies really going all out to get people to sign up.

    During the KL PC Fair, I think you’ll bump into a promoter every 5 minutes along all the halls. It can be quite irritating but they have to cari makan mah…

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  9. This photo shown us there were many people in the crowd pushing their way to hunt for cheapest items, and i believed many of them looking for a way out to the exit door, as i noticed all the exits had been locked along the way, the main one (only allow entry) was being stopped by the guards and asked us to take a long haul in the crowd to reach out the exit doors at the other end inside the stadium. I wonder how the authority can approved this idea to shut off all the exits, as far as safety and emergency concern.

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