MPPP worse than MPSP?

I say bullshit. (refer NST article So, as the #1 fansee of the Chief Minister, let me try to figure out why MPPP was rated much worse than the MPSP. Penangite knows MPSP is possibly the worst. I actually don’t need to say much, just let this song tells you why.

(The above video was just a random shot I took during the 12th GE pre-election ceramah when Lim Guan Eng was just a politician trying to win votes and went from Taman to Taman to woo voters.)

MPPP is not the best council but at least with the new DAP/PR we see less wastage in the form of the following, all courtesy of Koh Tsu Koon, Teng Hock Nan and Gerakan:

1) stupid flower pots

2) useless monuments that say nothing like those phallic bunga rayas at Jalan Udini roundabout that costs RM300K and now no longer lighted up

3) the ugly metal pinang that doesn’t look like pinang at all at the bank areas

4) and the brainless ‘dig good pavements to pave new ones so that there are lots of tender works to go around amongst frenz’ and of course,

5) that si-peh-boh-nau (no brain) stretch of road outside the Guan Yin/Masjid Kapitan Keling road that is supposed to be cobble stones but ended up like Lim KY’s face so rough plus the balls and batang.

Therefore, the only reason is they just hate the fact that the Penang island is under DAP and so MPPP is unfairly rated. In case you do not know, MPSP is the mainland and many of these areas are still under UMNO. The end….

However….here is a list of things MPPP can improve on :

1) Get rid of those pesky jaga kereta (where is the enforcement?)

2) Paint those darn parking lots lines! (I was at Weld Quay during the weekends and I cannot see any lines because they have faded so I had to get down from my car to figure out if I am parking half-half in two lots.)

3) Clean up Weld Quay and all those houses/shophouses that are abandoned.

4) Fill up the potholes/sandy surface immediately after a heavy rainfall. These are potential killer to motorbikers.

5) Get rid of those rouge parking attendants at Gurney area. The ones at Gurney Plaza fleeced people off by asking for RM2 one time entry eventhough the charges is per half hour. (usually 40 sen)

6) Check that the zebra crossing/less frequently use traffic lights are not turning red over nothing. Fix some sensor or timer, dude.

and that’s some of the immediate action required from MPPP by The Obnoxious 5xmom. Do it soon…before she starts featuring them on world online video sites.

16 thoughts on “MPPP worse than MPSP?

  1. Hoyohoyo – Or maybe they are the biggest spender of taxpayers’ money

    calvaryzone – This is not ultimatum, this is an open warning.

  2. I agree with Hoyohoyo, how the heck did DBKL get to be numero uno? Whoever that did the survey must not be from KL or have not been to KL lately! KNN! The amount of rubbish around the city areas……dirty rivers…..etc etc etc and yet no. 1!
    If that is the case, I wonder what to make of Singapore city?
    This is what you get when you hire monkeys to do the job loh, you get peanuts!

  3. Can’t agree more with u on the ‘previous’ MPPP work, make life misserable especially when drive through the Guan Yin/Masjid Kapitan Keling road. And the bunga raya, damn ugly, everynight when pass through that area always give spooky feeling with all those blue n green light, can’t help to curse those people that waste money to build it.

  4. Marisa – Yalor, that is the ugliest thing ever seen! And it seems neglected nowadays with no more lights.

    9pek9bo – Haiyorrr…so long you also don’t know that is our state of Pinang nut? If I am the CM, I will have you strip naked and tied to the steel structure and show your coconuts for being pengkhianat because you do not know your own state symbols. LOL

    Toolan – If we cannot trust the blue shirt, the courts and even the doctors who do post-mortem, what more these ikan bilis authority lah. Doh…

  5. Pssss, DBKL definite win miles way ahead of MPSP. let see,
    – 20 millions short-lived flower plant at the city center, 1 year contract.
    – A hundred thousands ringgit electronic billboard INSIDE the flood zone that warn motorist about the flood near Masjid Jameed.
    – Failure on rubbish dump management and recycling method
    – Petaling street still prone to flood, and the multiple mils roof are no storm proof.
    – The traffic plague Pudu station still there after 30 years of talk cock.

    And the BEST of the BEST, DBKL is supervise by a Federal territories ministry that use 10 times more money and resources than any municipal(by size ratio) in the country. DBKL FTW!!!!!!

    moo_t´s last blog post..Ditch By-election!!? So Bolehland can become CowBoyTown(TM)?

  6. Well said about Penang. It used to be cleaner with more tourists many, many years ago. Now I don’t visit Penang anymore. Nothing ‘nature’ and unique anymore.

  7. Agree re the pesky parking attendant. should get rid of them. on the rare times i visit Penang, they still manage to annoy me. cannot imagine how “sabar” the residents of Penang is. i support our new CM.He is moving in the right direction. Oh yes, GREAT song. as always, enjoyed reading yr blog.

  8. Kim! – Long time no see! Next time you are back, we meet up, ok? Your little princess must be such a pretty girl now.

  9. Vanguard – You salah jabatan. Kasi tau itu Menj, owner of PPS. How the hell I know why that old post kept popping up wor. My new posts all never show pun.

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