Things I learned from two-day workshop

I attended the Video Distribution Workshop by EngageMedia. It is a workshop for NGOs. This is what EngageMedia said on their About Us page :

Our core aims are

  • To assist individuals and groups producing thought-provoking and informative media focused on social and environmental issues distribute their work.
  • To develop the digital media and Internet skills of independent video makers and marginalised communities.
  • To foster a regional network of producers, to assist each other in producing and distributing their work in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To produce an online video delivery platform under a free software license that others are free to use and modify for their own media projects.
  • We learned a lot about all the tips and tricks to distribute our works. Although I have a basic knowledge about some of the methods to promote our videos, I still discovered many useful resources to expand my horizon even further. I came out of the workshop feeling “I am going to conquer the world with my videos!” Since our Penang group of citizen journalists are active, we will build a group project and contribute to the society with what we had learned in the ICFJ-Malaysiakini course and Engagemedia workshop. It actually doesn’t take much time or resources from us.

    We were lucky to be trained by Fahmi Reza and Mien who are both movie producers. Fahmi has produced the very eye opening short clip “10 tahun sebelum Merdeka” and “Revolusi 48” while Mien just recently released her movie “Running” about asylum seekers.

    We need to produce a short clip and my contribution can be found here at Engagemedia site. I had turned off the volume ‘cos eeekkk…I can’t stand my own voice so I wonder why I narrated? Doh…noob’s mistake, I guess.

    I made a short clip of the workshop last night. It is fun to have a video camera in hand all the time.

    And the most important thing I learned is ‘they’ can never shut us up. The world is very big and it has no place for dinosaurs who twist and turn their words every single day. First they bite on the tails of the bloggers, now they are talking about the main TV stations. There are so many avenues out there and I am glad they are so behind time. They can keep their TV stations and newspapers, we are charging ahead with our online news, hosted elsewhere, featured overseas.