Something doesn’t gel

I have been thinking long and hard over this.

In another state, their state leader was proven to be involved in money politics and yet, he merrily go on rampage as the leader though he has been banned from contesting in his political party election. The authority meanwhile took their own sweet time to sniff out the accusations by the political party against him.

Meanwhile, in my little state, this young man with rather good looks, fiery speeches (I am so disappointed I didn’t have his full speech during the Pakatan Rakyat one year anniversary to show you) and from what I see, is rather intelligent was ousted with so much disgrace. And he is not even a leader. He is just one of the deputy.

And until today, after so much hoo-haa, the authorities still cannot give us the conclusive result of their investigation about this deputy’s misdeeds. I don’t care what others said about him but from my first impression, I could see he was one of the PR’s smarter ones. LOL, not like there are many others lah. There are some younger politicians who have a broader mindset like MP Yusmadi and there are some who were there just because they had stick through thick and thin with DSAI. Then, there are those whose mulut memang suey, no matter you are PR or BN, you shouldn’t tembak people too much. Kamching-kamching mia manyak susah lah. Too much baggages lah.

So, like I mentioned on Facebook, if I am the Chief Minister, I terus cancelled the position and say, “Now, Penang got CM, DCM 2 and temporary, no other vacancies.” Senang cerita, habis, tak payah susah-susah. But then, I guess the CM wants to maintain peace and show harmony so boh pien lor, kena kutuk also diam-diam lor. Not like he never kutuk other people before, so now rasa ubat sendiri lor.

Anyway….I hope there is no election in Penanti to save us some money. But if there is, I am definitely going to bring my wet towel, salt, gas mask and bottled water to ‘adventure’ there with my video. WAIT!!!! I am only joking, brother # 2! (or else sure kena lecture by my abang-abang and kakak-kakak kandungan)

And that’s another day in DuaMalaysia where 2Malaysia means two sets of law for two sets of people.

6 thoughts on “Something doesn’t gel

  1. calvaryzone – Talking about him, LOL, I don’t know who is the PM now cos the paper seems to give him more limelight than the PM himself. Fuyoh, Jesse Jackson worrrrr

    Bryan – When I become PM, I baru order the domain lah. Hahaha.

    PenangBoy – Wah…got more show to see lah in future?

    Superman – I cannot get tired one cos they provide me topics to blog (and I get to make money out of it, so it is win-win).

  2. Aiyah, unfortunately you not in CM team loh, otherwise sure got alot of “interesting” and “colorful” stories happening everyday one.
    Maybe hoh, you should try to write into CM office to see if he need you as his “right hand man or women” so to speak. Then sure BN kena kuat kuat and kau-kau from all your tera-tera tactics!

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