Do I have any Seagate’s employees here?

Niamah Tiu Fark Shit = NTFS I have wasted so much time because of one HDD. You see, I bought a HDD with 320 GB.

seagate HDD

So, step one, I plugged in the USB on my VISTA. Installation of driver begins immediately and back-up of my Vista commenced. Of course, I am only a regular user, so what do I know about MAC FAT and NTFS, right?

After I back-up my Vista, I transfer my HDD to my Mac and it says, not formatted. It asked if I want to re-format. So, I pun say ok cos I can use it on my Vista later on.

Then, reformatted, I could use the Wayback Machine on Mac. So, it was fun to finally get my Time Machine to work, right?

After that, I thought, aha, why not transfer some of my files from my Vista to the HDD?

That’s when I learned that my Vista no longer recognise the HDD and cannot detect it. So, I ranted on my FB status and someone told me about FAT and NTFS. Leon said, “well, windows can run on both, so if you need to use it on both sides, stick to FAT”

So, I meddled about but it won’t work. (yea, yea, I know how to format, partition, ok? You think I noob kah? I clever than your grandmother, wei)

Since we are buying a new desktop, I took my HDD to the computer shop and ask the lengjai to kautim for me.

I took it home and it won’t even work on BOTH Mac and Vista.

Therefore, I have been spending like several hours reading through Seagate’s troubleshooting, download the driver from the site again (because the driver had been erased when I format the thing) and I found the Seagate forum and read even further.

Doh…..why didn’t the cilaka Seagate gave a clearer instructions on their printed manual? It merely says “check Mac website bla bla bla”. They think I got all the time to do that meh? Niamah.

Imagine lah..someone as smart as me already kepala pusing with the chore of reading up on Seagate site, Mac site and other forums to find the solution. What more regular users who aren’t as panai as me? This Seagate thinks people cannot have two machines running opposing system meh? Yerrrr……why didn’t they think of this and give big warning on FAT and NTFS?

And this stupid Americans. Why lah must they have totally incompatible systems? Wait lah, one day when I conquer the world, I will make everything standardised. From squat toilets to right hand driving. And everyone must eat with their hands and can have sex only when I give them permission. Then, there will be no wastage of money in creating different things and there will be no over population. Muahaharrr…

Errmm…I think my brain needs reformatting too, please.

(P/S : If reading this makes you confused, imagine how confused you are if you are handed a piece of metal thing like the HDD to deal with? Since I am utterly tiu-ed, I told my hubby to buy my sons their own HDD. We just bought another one, an Acer one for RM159 for 250GB. Mine was RM266 for 320GB))