I give you the video, you tell me your opinions?

Very often, we complained about the Municipal Council of not doing their jobs. When we see dirty places, broken and vandalised public properties, we blamed their inefficiencies. But sometimes, we have to blame ourselves too. Our Malaysian mentality of ‘what I do, can, what others do, cannot’.

Sometimes, there are guards with whistles. But on the day when there is no guard, this is the scene you see. I have intentionally given some blur out effects but if I happened to video-ed someone you know, sorry lah. It is not personal but I am trying to convey a message.

What’s the message? You tell me?

6 thoughts on “I give you the video, you tell me your opinions?

  1. wah..like haunted movie ah…cee pek gee lee.
    u mean adult cannot hav fun too? I wonder who makes the cut off at 12yo and not 13 or 14yo? very arbitrary.

    i however will give you my experience here in engkok. the swings/slides/see-saws and stuffs in the playground are so robust not even an elephant can destroy it..may be a bit exaggerated but u know what i mean. There whole playground areas are laid with synthetic soft rubber matts and not just at the swings. there are usually 2 swing sections, one for toddlers that has basket seats and normal one for kids. and the climbs are so rigid and well made, it will make Sammi Vellu covers his face in shame.

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  2. Sigh! That’s the scene I see here everyday. I was so pissed off and stared at them, but they returned with a friendly or innocent smile. I am not encouraged enough to tell them that. In my area, those look quite highly educated and look so decent and smart. They probably didn’t learn how to read!! 🙁

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  3. I have seen that a few times. Sometimes, I pass by and purposely tell my son,”tis one you can play because it’s stated there below 12 years old. Daddy and mummy cannot play.’ They also act tarak dengar and continue to swing.

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