Danny Law’s 12 ‘must-buy’ products from Penang

The Star

The state government plans to promote 12 items as ‘must-buy’ products for tourists that visit Penang

Penang Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law Heng Kiang said the products were tau sar pheah, nutmeg, pickled fruit, batik, capal, songkok, rojak (shrimp paste), bahulu, bird cage, belacan, clogs and sesame oil.

Serious? For local tourists, or international?

Haih…..All my life, I have never bought a single bottle of rojak paste because they look too icky. I am afraid of eating pickled fruit because they contain lots of god-knows-what sweetener, if I eat more than 4 tau sar pneah at one go, I sure to lau sai the next day. I have also never buy a single block of belacan because they stink and I avoid cooking them. And all the clog makers (like my late father-in-law) have died. And why would I want a bird cage? To keep kuku-bird type?

Whatever happened to Penang Pewter (was my ex-co’s subsidiary), Chinese medicinal oil from the herbs found in Penang, cooking ingredients with more quality like those curry pastes and etc?

I think Mr. Law ought to think of more expensive stuffs to promote Penang than stinky belacan and rojak paste lah.

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  1. Hehe…bought the tau sar pheah, nugmeg & rojak paste when in Penang previously. Hey, I think you should give more credit to the stinky belacan and rojak paste (though I can’t abide the smell/taste of it myself) coz many of my KL & Seremban friends/relatives swear by it! Really!

  2. I think of all the 12 items they mentioned.
    None of them will be able to pass the security checkpoint in the airport! LOL

    I guess that during March 08, our choices of voting are limited to this:

    Candidate 1) Idiot + Evil
    Candidate 2) Idiot + No $$$

  3. Wei Nee – That’s not my point. I am saying, if Penang wishes to be taken seriously as a tourism spot, internationally, it has to have better identity than promoting what n305er said, cannot pass through customs. Certainly I expect Penang to push itself higher than the cuti-cuti Malaysia crowds who come for these basic food stuffs. I am not saying those stuffs aren’t good but it is not good enough, coming from an elected representative.

  4. Maybe after the ‘international Tennis fiasco, Mr. Law is so frightened already!
    I still think he have to get out of the ‘frog-in-a-shell’ syndrome!!!
    I still like “ghee-hiang tau sah pniah”, nutmeg, balikpulau ‘ang hae’….!!!!Best

    Cheers and Regards
    Birds Talking Too

    Birds Talking Too´s last blog post..A Strange Looking Moth

  5. BTT – Like that means, no more international level for Penang ah? Wuah…mah cham liao lor? Ang hae is going for RM50 per fruit now. Just small one. Arrggh….I wish the real durian season comes soon. I miss durians, the Penang durians. Not those cham-cheng Thai fruits.

  6. i guess they want to start small first, capture the local market?

    i always buy tau sar pheah and nutmeg when i go to penang. but him hiang/gee hiang always out of stock.

    i almost read wrongly your clog, confused with dog. penang dogs very tasty meh? hehehee

    calvaryzone´s last blog post..Who wants a Camry?

  7. Below are honest comments from my angMoh friends:

    Belachan and rojak sauce smells kind of like worn socks 🙁
    Durian smells and tastes like kitchen gas 🙁
    Tau sar peah are like little bald men, worse comment-like kkc 🙁
    Multi colored picked fruits are looks artifical and WELL preserved.

    Sad to only a handful of Asian friends who appreciates South Asian food loves our local style. BTW I loves our local food esp. Penang’s very much, it’s like my ritual to eat most of the Penang food. 🙂

  8. To me, tau sar pheah, CKT, prawn mee, asam laksa, kuey teow t’hng, nutmeg oil, LGE and YOU are synonymous with Penang.

    Don’t know about what bird cage or clogs, BLOGS i know lah. Who is this Danny lah? The one no speaking the London one ar???

  9. First, let give some applaud, at least they did “something”.

    Then here come the assessment :
    KNN, if I am their superior, I am going to spank their pat-pat for wasting tax payer money. If Jeff Ooi fix his eye on this committee, they will be toasted.

    There is smarter way to promote Penang, to sell products.

    1. Produce a GREAT album/booklet of Penang heritage site and attraction various point . Tag a price. If ANY OF THIS ALBUM not happens in 6 month, the tourist board should be spanked 9-9 !

    2. Produce free Penang attraction map that tourist can bring home. Mark the location of all facilities. Penang business sponsor(hotel,restaurant,clinic,etc) the map and their name is printed inside. This is update compare to their lonely planet booklet.

    3. A beautiful daily public transport PASS that allow you go everything in Penang Island.

    4. For tourist prefer to go uncertain location, give them a discounted daily taxi pass (e.g.max 100km ride). Taxi driver can redeem value from convenient place. And with some tricks marking in the ticket redeem, Penang tourist board can collect statistic.

    5. Creative T-Shirt. E.g. make fun of Penang(E.g. I meet the CM in Duo-Chun, I eat rojak and speak rojak ,I spend RM7 to stuck at Penang Bridge ) , locality stuff, design, etc.

    6. A WIFI map of Penang (before the Wimax ready)

    7. Penang food cooking course.

    8. Painting,photo or pewter of Penang street.

    9. Penang jewelry, not make in China, Vietnam typical jewelry. There is tons of Penang origin jewelry designer can do this

    10. The ferry, the ferry.. damn! Don’t waste it.

    moo_t´s last blog post..It took 200 years

  10. “au sar pheah, nutmeg, pickled fruit, batik, capal, songkok, rojak (shrimp paste), bahulu, bird cage, belacan, clogs and sesame oil.”

    er. when i go penang, i usually makan and buy erm, erm, tourist stuff, or normal stuff…

    “Whatever happened to Penang Pewter (was my ex-co’s subsidiary), Chinese medicinal oil from the herbs found in Penang, cooking ingredients with more quality like those curry pastes and etc? ”

    i think this is a better list sounds more interesting too..

    maybe not danny law’s cronies?

  11. Lud d damn stupid big bird cage around when travelling?? Dumb ah??!! For me also i won’t lar. Bloody take up my luggage space “toh sau lang keok”.

  12. moo_t – The other night during the PR anniversary, he boasted Penang is recognised by NYT as one of the places to visit and I felt like bitch slap him and tell him, “HOI, that’s my PenangFoods.com blog that NYT mentioned lah. It is not the effort of the Penang tourism Exco but the 5xmom, ok?” If my blog SEO not so ho-liao, NYT also never picked up such fantastic foods lah.

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