The Star

The state government plans to promote 12 items as ‘must-buy’ products for tourists that visit Penang

Penang Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law Heng Kiang said the products were tau sar pheah, nutmeg, pickled fruit, batik, capal, songkok, rojak (shrimp paste), bahulu, bird cage, belacan, clogs and sesame oil.

Serious? For local tourists, or international?

Haih…..All my life, I have never bought a single bottle of rojak paste because they look too icky. I am afraid of eating pickled fruit because they contain lots of god-knows-what sweetener, if I eat more than 4 tau sar pneah at one go, I sure to lau sai the next day. I have also never buy a single block of belacan because they stink and I avoid cooking them. And all the clog makers (like my late father-in-law) have died. And why would I want a bird cage? To keep kuku-bird type?

Whatever happened to Penang Pewter (was my ex-co’s subsidiary), Chinese medicinal oil from the herbs found in Penang, cooking ingredients with more quality like those curry pastes and etc?

I think Mr. Law ought to think of more expensive stuffs to promote Penang than stinky belacan and rojak paste lah.