19 years ago

I was 26 years old

I was at Adventist because my baby was overdue

The doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Hardesty tried every method to induce labour

From early morning till at night, Dr. Jeffrey H. cannot jumpstart any labour pain in me

My hubby was 30 years old

It is his birthday

But he had to spend the whole day serving me

And waiting to have a baby on his birthday

I ate chicken rice

I hate spending the night in the hospital

My mother said back in China, when we cannot have labour pain and the baby is overdue
it means, I must have stepped on the rope that tie the cow, so that’s why the baby is so ‘ngan kenng’ (stubborn). I have forgotten what remedy was given to those moms back in China to treat overdue pregnancies? If I remember correctly, it is to take a piece of the rope and dunk in water and let the pregnant mom drink. I say, “Not only baby come out, shit and intestine also come out if drink that water.”

She also said, “Told you don’t eat pat-chow-yee (squid), you stubborn, now the baby got suction by the squid”

So, yeah…still no baby on 25th April.

Wait for the next chapter tomorrow.

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  1. ………… it is because you did not leave all the doors ( of course not the front and back door la!) in your house opened when you went to the hospital. Also included are the doors to cupboards … so say the old folks! So therefore your door (cervix) cannot open or take long time to do so.

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