Please have a look at my beautiful, unique, ethnic, mish-mash island. I jumped down from the car and took a short walk to film this video, under the scorching, hot, burning, bright sun on a lazy afternoon.

We went to the Hai Choo garden or Sea Pearl Garden to have crabs with roe which is the birthday boy’s favourite. By the time I reached the seafood place, the crabs and prawns were already served so I didn’t manage to capture the seafood part.

However, I have a very Ah Beng curry mee seller which is like the ambassador of Penangites. He dyed his hair blonde but I doubt you can see from this video on Youtube. (BTW, if you want to embed video, do it from Facebook because the quality is the best. However uploading time is twice of Youtube. Flickr video sucks, so don’t bother.) If you want to make a comparison between Youtube and Facebook videos, check out the same video on my Penang Street Foods blog.

Mr. Curry Mee (Mr. CM) seller can balance four bowls of boiling hot curry mee on a tray, ride a bike and deliver it to the houses of the people there. I was busy eating so I didn’t manage to capture that part.

Too bad the video doesn’t capture the more colourful languages from Mr. CM’s friends. They were making fun of him, asking if he wants a change of clothes, someone to wipe his sweats and etc because he is on video. Another asked why he didn’t fling his knives into the air like a sushi master.

The nice thing about small little Chinese area like this is the humour they have. When Mr. CM went to deliver his curry mee on bike, another tattoo-ed Ah Beng without shirt came to make his own curry mee. A woman from across the street came by and Ah Tat Too told her, “Kah kee chek, mien lui eh” He was dunking the noodle into water and shaking/jerking it. The woman absent-mindedly replied, “Wa beh hiao chek leh.” And suddenly, it became an obscene joke. Lucky my facial muscle is good and I pretended not to understand the joke or else the hot chilli soup would have shot through my nose.

I love my video camera. What about you?