Two more years and we can go Genting together and puak keow legally. Shioknyerrrr…

Then, few more years, hubby and I don’t need to sponsor him anymore because he can earn his own living and pay for his own study loans. Muahahahar…this is the nicest thing about PTPTN study loans. Low interests but the best is you get to force your own kid to pay for their own studies without looking like the evil step-parents. This way, I have money left for my dream retirement of staying in a Swiss Alps snow covered, wooden hut with some toy boys. Problem is, by then, I wonder if I know what toy boys are.

So, it has been 19 years of parenting. Not an easy feat.

Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.

(I learnt this quote by Socrates, the Greek philosopher who lived in the 470 BC-399 BC during Audrey Cheah’s session with parents.)

And all I can say is, Socrates, you’re spot on!

But, it has been fun to produce the adult humans from our wombs. I don’t know about other parents but I still find it so amazing that from us, we can sprout humans. Just like a bunch of red beans, green beans that sprout taugehs, we can do it too! When your child was a baby, you don’t see this amazing miracle so much. It is when they are all grown up like 19 years old half-man, half-boy who is taller, bigger and smarter than you, then you go, “Wow…..I really produce this person?”

So, on this day, I declare I almost succeed parenting teens. My eldest son is 19 years old already. Next year, I can go around with a certificate that I have graduated.