Testing again

I uploaded this video to Engagemedia, which is like Youtube but only for social causes and issues. It was a hastily put video using previous video clips I have. The filming was done by Maran and another part by Catherine from my church. The music is from Cat too. I tried to make it ‘special’ by adding narration. At the workshop, when the class was looking through all the videos from the participants, I quietly sneaked out to the toilet so no one notices my video wasn’t mentioned and flashed for all to see.

Such is the quirkiness of me. I have no problem narrating, writing down what I wanted to say, plug in the earphone and mike and read away what I have on my computer screen. However, playing it back, listening to it is a pain. And when there are others listening together, my skin crawls. Ewwwss….my voice, my terrible voice, why did I ever add narration?

6 thoughts on “Testing again

  1. Lilian
    Maybe first time doing narration you are a bit nervous lah. After carefully listening and watching the video, this is what I found.

    (1) Try to speak in a relax tone, I can hear your nervous voice
    (2) Speak a little slower so that people hv time to digest you say.
    (3) Put in longer break in between sentences
    (4) Certain part the music drowned your voice, can lower bkg music during editing esp the part when you narrates.
    (5) Practice makes perfect.

    Anyway, it’s a good try.

    lim boo seng´s last blog post..Fuyoh… Pussy Cat Dolls !

  2. Jimmy – Ok ok, two more tries, I go apply for AlJazeera, ok?

    lim – My voice memang like that, nervous or not, it always sound nervous, so that’s why I si peh dun like my voice lor.

  3. You actually have a good and pleasant voice. Perhaps you only need to work on how to control your voice (make it sound more confident), plus all the linguistics/ technical stuffs like pronunciation, intonation and punctuation, etc….

  4. Wao… looks like oprah winfrey to me… i cannot believe my tears fell. Anyway, great job~ and i do agree that certain parts the music drowned your voice but anyway, still nice! hope Melaka will do sumthing about the orang gila here… they are kinda dangerous… *sigh*

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  5. april – LOL, my editing was still noobie. That time I used a different software but now, I have an easier one already. No more suddenly volume big, volume small.

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