I uploaded this video to Engagemedia, which is like Youtube but only for social causes and issues. It was a hastily put video using previous video clips I have. The filming was done by Maran and another part by Catherine from my church. The music is from Cat too. I tried to make it ‘special’ by adding narration. At the workshop, when the class was looking through all the videos from the participants, I quietly sneaked out to the toilet so no one notices my video wasn’t mentioned and flashed for all to see.

Such is the quirkiness of me. I have no problem narrating, writing down what I wanted to say, plug in the earphone and mike and read away what I have on my computer screen. However, playing it back, listening to it is a pain. And when there are others listening together, my skin crawls. Ewwwss….my voice, my terrible voice, why did I ever add narration?