Can you imagine CM Lim Guan Eng turning Penang into China?

So, there was this other CM who proudly sell off his state to turn it into a foreign country because according to reason, having a foreign culture like that will save our local Malaysians a lot of money from traveling there, to quote ” to give locals a chance to experience Arabic culture”

Therefore, can you imagine our CM Lim Guan Eng one day come up with similar thing but let’s say he get RM1B from China? Can you imagine?

You cannot right?

That’s why lah. It is ridiculous. And I bet our CM is 1B times smarter than that ketam.

Reference here :

You may ask, “Why do you use the CM of Penang name in your post?”

Because I not so bodoh to quote the other CM. I hide behind the Penang CM’s coat’s tail, safer what.

P/S : The irony of things. Melaka is the hometown of the Penang CM and yet, the Malaccans have chosen to get ridiculed by a ketam as their CM. Maybe the Malaccans deserved it, having their own state trampled on by kiasu Singkahpolians and that other tourists.

15 thoughts on “Can you imagine CM Lim Guan Eng turning Penang into China?

  1. … ai yo… a lot of us voted against him but watudo…. we still lost… anyway, he nearly lost too… and he dare to appear in my school and scold our parents in our school annual gathering for not supporting him during the elections…Wat a losser..

    april´s last blog post..Do you???

  2. How come still no action against him from MACC? MACC = ACA sama saja, very obedient canine to their BN masters…

  3. Maybe MACC also want to save money for us Malaysians…no action against the ketam means no buy-elections lor…Tiu!

  4. aiyer…..another dump idea ler!! one analogy is, if the hotel is decorated and designed exactly like my house, what for to spend money to go to that hotel? might as well stay at home for free…..Luckily Lim Guan Eng is our CM, thank god!!!

  5. actually the first thought that came to my mind when you said something about the chinese turning plots of lands into mini chinas was:

    “ummm… chinatown?”

    personally, i don’t think anything wrong with an ‘arabtown’, just as there’s nothing wrong with the chinatowns, little indias, little italys etc around the world. i mean, i certainly don’t need to go to customs to go to leicester square in london, do i?

  6. empyreal – LOL, arabtown, is there one? Our little india and chinatowns are our culture, the people who came here centuries ago and started living here. So, there is a great big different between building a ‘theme park’ using RM1B and living in Malaysia, like opening kedai runcits in the little india.

  7. to be accurate, the arabs were here since hundreds of years ago also (coincidentally, just around the same time as the chinese and indian traders in fact) but that’s not the point. point is, it’s not taxpayer money, and if there’s nothing wrong with even america having chinatowns all over (it’s not their indigenous culture, are they?) then what’s wrong with having an arab town? imagine if an american said to his representative that she doesn’t want chinese investment into his town to build a chinese-theme mall, and that the chinese aren’t tolerated there, we’d call her racist.

    and yeah, there are congregrations of arab-speaking communities, although they don’t get a moniker like arabtown, at least officially (to be fair, ‘chinatown’ isn’t an official name either). birmingham has a substantial one, for example.

    plus, to argue that arabs shouldn’t be here is just a skip and a hop away from “indians shouldn’t be here” or “chinese go home”. it’s xenophobic and racist. this totally goes against what we’re trying to build here in malaysia.

  8. when people bring out races and ethnicities – whether chinese, malay, indian, arab, caucasian – they usually always try to imply something, in this case something racist. i talk straight and i call a spade a spade. if you were to say that arabs are no more welcome here because they’ve not settled here long enough, then how can we stop other races from saying that we shouldn’t be here because WE weren’t here long enough? how can we tell others to stop labelling people by their race, when we do it ourselves?

    as it is, one billion ringgit brings jobs to the workers. especially at this time it’s far more important to put food onto the plates of the people than trying to keep arabs out of the country, for whatever personal reason.

  9. empyreal – Hah, based on the record of the person, I will only believe when I see it. Sorry, but if it is from some other people, I will probably not scoff at it but once tainted, nothing I believe.

  10. well, i see it from an objective point of view. if i see it as a right action, then it doesn’t matter whether the ones doing it are saints or convicts. right actions are right no matter who does it.

  11. empyreal – Go watch some porn or something and stop wasting time here. I am not in the mood to listen to your crap.

    And oooh…I had just locked the comment so that I don’t have to endure your long winded comment.

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