So, there was this other CM who proudly sell off his state to turn it into a foreign country because according to reason, having a foreign culture like that will save our local Malaysians a lot of money from traveling there, to quote ” to give locals a chance to experience Arabic culture”

Therefore, can you imagine our CM Lim Guan Eng one day come up with similar thing but let’s say he get RM1B from China? Can you imagine?

You cannot right?

That’s why lah. It is ridiculous. And I bet our CM is 1B times smarter than that ketam.

Reference here :

You may ask, “Why do you use the CM of Penang name in your post?”

Because I not so bodoh to quote the other CM. I hide behind the Penang CM’s coat’s tail, safer what.

P/S : The irony of things. Melaka is the hometown of the Penang CM and yet, the Malaccans have chosen to get ridiculed by a ketam as their CM. Maybe the Malaccans deserved it, having their own state trampled on by kiasu Singkahpolians and that other tourists.