Ching Ming video

I love this video, for the value it imparts. That is, filial piety of the elderly children visiting the grave of their parents. And the future generation, i.e. the young grandchildren participating. Family values like these are very important and something we parents have to inculcate in our children. Never mind that I dread meeting up with four SILs (urggghh) all at one go or getting bitten by mosquitoes or waking my four sons early in the morning. Doesn’t matter that I don’t participate in their ways of praying. But what matter is I at least make an effort every year to bring my children to the grave of their grandparents.

My parents-in-law have eight children and seven of them are there. I think they also have over 30-40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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  1. yup. I agree. Even though i am a catholic, i still keep up the tradition and still go for cheng beng with my mom and my grandma. My mom encourages me to keep up the tradition even though we may not believe in it…

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