Just to piss the folks over at PPS

Submitted on 2009/04/29 at 8:34pm
Lilian, can you PLEASE STOP spamming PPS with this post over and over again? We got your point so just stop pinging the same post over and over again at PPS, okay?

I didn’t ping my old posts, ok?

I not so lame, ok?

I not so despo, ok?

But anyway, let’s see if this new post kicks the old post into PPS again or not.

I hope it does….

And while I am at it, folks, go join Blogged.my.

6 thoughts on “Just to piss the folks over at PPS

  1. What the idiot doesn’t realize is ANYONE can ping ANYONE’s post using ANYONE’s nick since the twat that owns the site doesn’t know dick worth of coding to modify the code.

    The twat only knows how to modify the template/outlook.

    Looks like someone hates you enough to use your nick, your posts to spam PPS and blame it on you.

  2. I hate the new PPS and decided not to view it any more….kena spam each time go in.

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