I was having my lunch and I don’t know why the images of Tian Chua and Teresa Kok offering wine and joss-sticks to the Altantuya’s Ching Ming bugged me. Maybe it is because I had just made a Ching Ming video so I sort of remembered the buy-election in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang.

I suppose most of you didn’t see the video where they have this Ching Ming offerings for Altantuya. Two were carried out at separate places. They burn some stuffs for her and etc and Tian Chua and Teresa Kok were there. I know politicians have their dramas to stage to gain votes and attention. But then, I find it rather distasteful. Firstly, if I am not wrong, both of them are Christians. Of course, I am not trying to be a douche bag saying that Christians shouldn’t touch joss-sticks and etc. But what kind of message are they displaying, pouring wine, participating in a pray to Altantuya’s soul and things like that?

Secondly, if I am Altantuya, I would have preferred people to leave me alone instead of praying all over the states in a country far away for my soul. I am sure Altantuya’s parents would have done whatever prayers that their faith needed and we do not need any more soul-appeasing ceremony. Goodness, the soul doesn’t linger here in Malaysia.

Thirdly, it is cheapshot to take a dead person and make it their political tool.

Anyway, I have these feelings during the buy-elections in the two Bukits but I prefer not to comment on it, hoping they would let her soul rests after that buy-elections.

However, I just logged on to Malaysiakini and I go…. “tu dia…..depa buat dahhh….macam-macam perangai monyet yang depa boleh pikiaq. Ni nak bagi Altantuya mock-funeral pulak.”

If Najib failed to meet the dateline, Badrul, commonly known as “Chegu Bard”, warned that he will lead a mammoth convoy of cars and trucks carrying a coffin of Altantuya’s effigy from Rembau to Penanti during the by-election campaign.

Seriously…..all those of you who are so passionate about praying Altantuya, burning paper money for Altantuya, give funeral etc, are you having the same kind of passion to remember your own ancestors? I wonder if those DAP guys who made the prayers for Altantuya even go back for their own family Ching Ming prayers or what…..

I have attended many ceramahs by PKR politicians and seriously, DSAI should know that all those fitnah, tembak, kutuk and etc mode of ceramahs are getting stale. I cringe when I hear one Malay man attacking another Malay man, both Muslims. I cringe when one Indian man, laughing at another Malay man, saying Malay man skin is darker than his own. It is funny, but they are sickening kind of funny. And I only start to listen when one or two rare politicians who can really give thought provoking reasons why people should vote for a change. Unfortunately, this is rare. Fairus was rather good, in my opinion. And they had to kick him out…….and give us another buy-election.

One last sentence – Please leave Altantuya alone, let her rest in peace.