No more tears is synonymous with Johnson’s® baby range of products.  All my babies are accustomed to the soothing words of ‘No more tears’ when they have their hair washed.  It is like our family ritual to get the babies to have their hair wash without getting sting in the eyes.


Babies have their temperament and many hate hair washing.  Sometimes, it is due to the nervous hands that handle the babies.  Sometimes, it is due to bad experience of having their eyes sting by shampoo.  So, to ensure that our babies are relaxed when taking their baths, we usually use Johnson’s Baby No More Tears®   formula baby shampoo. 



New parents may find handling a squirmy baby in a tub of water a very frightening experience.  It is certainly nothing like those plastic doll you handle at pre-natal classes which doesn’t slip from your hand or is as fragile as a baby.   So, if you are bathing a baby, never, ever squirt any body shampoo on your baby’s body.  To save the work, I usually use one of the Johnson’s® No More Tears® range of products which is the Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe wash   .  What I did is to mix a tiny amount in the bath water and I merely bath the baby from the head to toe, which is a wonderful mommy and baby bonding moment.  There is really no need to work up a lather for the baby’s hair because it is unnecessary until they are much older.  However, when they are older, they love their bubbles and bath toys.  Talking about this makes me reminiscence about the wonderful bath time I gave my babies, the nice fragrance of the Johnson’s® baby shampoo and the joy of cuddling a squeaky clean baby.


After bathing five babies on my own, I am quite the expert already.  One other thing that I absolutely love to do is to massage the baby with Johnson’s® baby oil.  You can find Johnson’s® Baby Infant Massage technique from the internet or ask your baby’s doctor for the booklet.  Some hospital also provide baby massage classes for new parents.  I found that giving a baby a gentle massage will help with making the baby more relaxed and hence, less fussy.  It also helps with getting the baby to eliminate the wind in the stomach.


It is amazing that Johnson’s® baby products are older than me!  Do you know that Johnson® baby is celebrating its 50th anniversary of their Johnson’s® Baby No More Tears® formula?  I still remember some of their older advertisements.   They had some of the most profound, family oriented advertisements through the decades and I think that’s how Johnson’s® baby has become so much part of my children upbringing.  Until today, my older children are still hooked to their fruity shampoo.  I think most family have at least one experience of using Johnson’s® Baby No More Tears® through these fifty years.



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  1. Yes, hamsters can pom-pom one but use hair dryer to dry them quick quick.

    I miss all my hamsters. We used to have quite a number and they have babies too.And there were also hamsters condo and playthings and treats.

    Anyone want to give their hamsters away? I want to adopt some. Miss their sweet cute faces.

  2. Momo – I still have two hamster-bungalows. The problem is, new new very nice to play, later on, the kids don’t want to change the nest, so the father has to do it. I sked to do cos they bite me before so I phobia. Geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Auntie Lilian, then u shud let me train yr hamster, my hamster will never ever dare to bite me, I will scold them.however, if I get attached to them, I will nt give u back…LOL

  4. charles – I prefer wabbits lah…but no landed property cannot jaga. Last time when I stayed in Sungai Ara, yorrrr my rabbits multiplied like rabbits, so fun lah. When I moved, I donated to that butterfly farm in Bukit Jambul but they ate all the vegetation and moved into the hutan belukar.

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