“You menopause ledi?”

While at the Guardian Pharmacy….

At the cashier counter…

Son : Eh, ma, this so cheap (point to some hair gel)

Ma : Must buy above RM40 baru can buy lah. PWP. The total amount of the things here only RM27

Son : Only RM13 what, buy something lah

Ma : Don’t know what to buy already. Nothing that I need.

Son : Buy some economy pack tampons or something lah

Ma : Ish, what for buy so many?

Son : You got use mah. Why? You menopause already? No bocor anymore?

Me : You jaga, I take this bag and swing swing swing and whack your head, your brains also fly out. Celaka, say I menopause. I still young, ok? Niamah….

Son : See? Ha…you are scolding yourself.

Me : Ya hor…

10 thoughts on ““You menopause ledi?”

  1. Hahahaaaaa!!!!
    I think if you want, you still can produce 100 anak if you want kan..
    Ayooooo…40++ only mah..where got so fast menopause one..

  2. kadusmama – That’s what I told my son lah, “Chey….you think your mother dah mandul kah. Wait I go marry one rich angmoh, I go IVF can beranak many more lagi, wei. Blue eyes one. Then, I don’t want to kasi my money to you to spend baru tau. “

  3. charles – Doh…sure got lah. What brand you want? OB got no applicator. Playtex got plastic and paper applicator. Plastic one leceh to dispose off the applicator. All got S,M,L. The sizes go with the flow, not the sizes of the CB, boleh faham? Hahaha, your fader must thank me for the education.

  4. kadusmama – I also find it funny I can come up with such explanations. But hor, must explain clearly to Charles cos he need ‘education
    ‘ mah.

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