While at the Guardian Pharmacy….

At the cashier counter…

Son : Eh, ma, this so cheap (point to some hair gel)

Ma : Must buy above RM40 baru can buy lah. PWP. The total amount of the things here only RM27

Son : Only RM13 what, buy something lah

Ma : Don’t know what to buy already. Nothing that I need.

Son : Buy some economy pack tampons or something lah

Ma : Ish, what for buy so many?

Son : You got use mah. Why? You menopause already? No bocor anymore?

Me : You jaga, I take this bag and swing swing swing and whack your head, your brains also fly out. Celaka, say I menopause. I still young, ok? Niamah….

Son : See? Ha…you are scolding yourself.

Me : Ya hor…