A labourous but fun day with politicians, fishermen and vendors

Today is certainly a very fruitful day. 24 gigabytes of videos, 2 gigabytes of photos, politicians, fishermen, small business vendors, hot sun, cool drinks and a plenty of missions.

Five of us CJs went to Balik Pulau. CJ is not chief justice, but citizen journalist. We planned a trip to Balik Pulau to cover one abandoned road but we returned home with 101 stories to share. Most of all, we got plenty of food videos to last us several food blog posts. This is what I call productive outing because we did not focus only on boring politics, mundane issues that mainstream media doesn’t care and other big stuffs, we also zoom our cameras into laksa soup, Hokkien mee soup, loh bak boiling oil, blended nutmeg juice, tempek and etc.

One PKR politician I interviewed told me he believed in divine intervention. I also believe in divine intervention. We found a few groups of people who desperately need someone to highlight their plights. One group told us, “Go tell the internet, we tried telling our UMNO politician but no one bothers about us.” Like the usual #1 fan of the CM, I suggested, “Go tell Lim Guan Eng lah! He sure can help one…..”

BTW, I sat down with one Gerakan politician to learn what is PM and CM in Mandarin. Let me see if I can remember – eekk…I forget how to pronounce but I know the CM is sou sik puk chang and PM is sou sang? puk chang. LOL, correct or not?

We didn’t seek out these people but some how one thing leads to another, we ended up in Balik Pulau from 8.20 am till 5.20 pm. Phew… what a fruitful day.

Now, I have to go edit videos and ‘tell the internet we are ang gli.’ More of our adventures with the high seas and pirates on CJ Jimmy’s blog.

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