Balik Pulau photos


I have several video editing projects to do because I love video editing. It is a learning process for me and every time I get to learn something new, I get adrenalin rush. Thank God that though God doesn’t give me a very sharp and smart mind, I am an eager and fast learner.

malay house

To me, video editing is like writing a blog post, but I merely use the scissors icon to tell a story. This time, I have two other video clips from the other CJs’ video cameras so it is extremely fun joining the clips together. I brought my DSLR and video camera along yesterday and managed to take some photos as well.

kapok or cotton

The above is the cotton tree or what we call kapok? When I was small, before they have synthetic fibres for our bolsters and pillows filling, we use this kapok or in Hokkien we call mee hua. I remember I used to search for the tiny seeds in the fillings, pull it to the side of the inner bolster and I bite them. So, my bolster probably stinks with all the biting. LOL.


What is Balik Pulau without it’s laksa?


And I bought this pulut pisang with the bunga telang colouring to sample.


Balik Pulau’s nutmeg is the best. Go to the market and look for store #33 at the corner. He made the best nutmeg juice. I will put up a video when I am free.


This nice uncle being interviewed by the other CJ. I love the colourful canned foods on the shelves.

Arrggh…I have so many fun video editing projects to do. Food video, goats farm video, MP video, fishing village video…. But I have so little time. Weekend means classes. And churchie stuffs and shopping and family and sleep. Yay!