It’s Sunday, then Monday

This is just some rubbish ramblings. With the rain pelting down, the best thing is to sleep. However, sleep is not tuned to my body at 12 midnight. At 12 midnight, my body says, “Work, Lilian, work. There are money to be made.”

I didn’t do too bad for the month of April. I thought with less involvement in the money making world, my income will suffer. However, many of those passive income from my blogs are still keeping me very happy. I suppose I must thank God for the blessings. I truly believe in ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ Jesus Christ’s motto.

Yet, the strange thing is I also don’t have the desire to spend money that much nowadays. I went shopping at Queensbay mall and got bored really fast. We couldn’t agree on where to eat so we ended up at the food court, where everyone bought their own stuffs to eat. Auntie Anne pretzel, Beard Papa creampuff, Jusco tako balls….. That’s the problem when we go shopping together, all six of us. Two older sons will break off on their own. Hubby went off on his own and poor me, poor, poor me gotta stick to two monkeys who spend money at the Jusco arcade. Arrggh…I hate that place. It is so noisy and with so many kids. After I have enough of the two monkeys, I passed them to hubby while I went off on my own. That’s how I lasted being married to the same man for 22 years and survived so many monkeys and games arcades.

Found a pair of shoes but it costs RM219. Ish, why should I spend RM219 when I can buy five pairs and throw them away as soon as I am tired of them? Shoes is a little bit like relationship. Don’t sweat too much over them. Throw them away when you get tired. Buy new ones. Ok, maybe not the legal type of relationship because you are tied for life. You cannot throw your kids away when they bored you with the same ‘You got punked jokes”.

So, my sons (the older ones) are always pulling my legs, “Ma…where is your husband? Hah…you don’t keep an eye on him, sure he goes ogle girls already.” That’s the nice thing with having kids who are old enough to talk like that. We could giggle behind the master’s back. For e.g., the master is very good in bargaining. A skill that I lacked. In fact, my theory is, if I have the money, I will just throw it and take my things and get away. I don’t sweat the small stuffs. Don’t want to waste my saliva.

One of my son wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses. So we went to the shop. I quickly told son, “Nah, your father is sien-ing the girl already, faster go pick a pair. Go learn to sweet talk like your father lah! Sien girls is a skill, you know?” (sien is like crapping and tokking kok with anything in skirt) Son will say, “Swt….why we never learn to talk like him, huh? Must be you lah, ma. We got your genes, you so lansi and cannot smile one.”

May is here. I actually wanted to go to UMMC the other day. But something else cropped up. It is my turn to ‘teach’ catechism class next Saturday. You know what? I have joined the CEC since January but I have never ‘teach’ before because most of the time, I was away at the CJ course. However, I usually go and have have fun with the Form One kids. I love those kids, they are so full of surprises. Glad I choose Form One class instead of Std. One.

The other day, we were doing a list of ‘things that make you slaves’. One 13 yrs old boy wrote the N name. The N that is linked to the A name. Another one wrote ISA. They are really smart. Last week, a bunch of the girls called, “Teacher, teacher….” And I ignored them until I realised they are calling me! I laughed and confessed to them that I am not their teacher and they are free to call me Lilian. No need to call auntie too. Not because I am afraid of being old but I don’t want them to come to church every Saturday afternoon to face a bunch of aunties and teachers. I want to be their friend, the kind who go, “David Archuleta!” (on things we are obsessed with) . Maybe some of the other teachers are not comfortable as this is seen as a disrespect but I don’t think 13 years old kids like coming to class on Saturdays and get nagged by aunties and teachers about being good to God. I prefer to talk to them about having crushes, pimples and stuffs like that while reminding them that they are all special children chosen by God and nothing is too difficult if they have Jesus.

So, what does May have for me? I don’t know. But my son just asked me something earlier in the evening. I told him I had asked Fr Edwin if I can go and photograph the whole college and maybe make a video of it. My son asked me, “Ma…is there not a thing that you cannot do?” This is not the only freaky thing I am attempting in May. There are lots of other things that I am going to do. God’s willing.

It is still raining…..Last Thursday, I think I saw one politician came to my housing area to inspect the monsoon drain which has been deepened to prevent flood. I wanted to chase him with my video camera but I was in a rush to drop my son to kindie and I was going to class. Otherwise, I would have stopped my car, went down and interview him, “YB, my two cars damaged by the flood previously, can I claim from the state government?” IF I did that to him, I think he would jump into the drain and hope never to see me again.

Will it flood tonight? I have two cars out there and one in the apartment compound.