Help TV saves the puppies

TV Smith is a veteran blogger, professional photographer and a nice guy whom I have spoken to over the phone a few times.

He has gone to Pulau Ketam on a mission to save the dogs abandoned at Pulau Ketam. Please read about the ordeals these poor animals endured on an island.

Moral of the story : This trend of owning a puppy as a status symbol has got to go. Too many people are buying a dog simply because they want people to know they can afford it. Then, they got tired of it and throw the animal away.

16 thoughts on “Help TV saves the puppies

  1. My neighbour is one of them. Bought a ‘dunno how much’ imported breed but kept in a 3x3x3 cage 24/7. Will asked the maid to bathe the dog when its smelly.

  2. Terence – Yalor, dogs are like every Ah Bengs and Ah Lians must-have to show they are rich. Niamah, ride motorbike oso carry the dog, go stuffy kopitiam also carry the dog…

  3. It’s like the flu loh, everyone catches it, not just those with money. Infact, the younger working group seem to be doing this alot, you know buying for the girlfriend or boyfriend lah…..hangat hangat tahi lalat type. These dogs are not like those we used to keep at home, the mixed breed that will eat anything and survive any conditions come rain or shine. These imported breed must eat proper lah, must vaccinate on time lah, must groom lah, must have expensive accessories lah etc etc. It is not so easy taking care of another living thing, taking care of pets these days is like taking care of children……..
    Like you say, not just kopitiam ah, even in restaurants they want to bring in the animal and sit around the table, then you have all their furs flying all over the place. Restaurant should have signs like those for smokers.

  4. The more I see these people with their dogs, the more I realize how much they look alike.Anyone noticed?

  5. There are a lot of idiots out there who buy dogs for status symbols only which really disgusts me. If they get bored of the dog, they dump it to the maid to take care of them.

    Besides that, the folks at various organizations also advocate that we spay our animals if we’re not interested in breeding them. Also, getting a dog from a pet shop is not a good idea as you’re not sure if the dog comes from a puppy mill.

    Support PAWS and your local SPCA. There are plenty of great dogs up for adoption there.

  6. Angie – I have been lurking at those bloggers’ blogs who wrote about this and usually people are calling for SPCA to come to help. Frankly, the responsible parties are those over priced pet shops and pet foods brands. These are the people guilty of promoting dogs as status symbols. They should fork out money to clear this mess, in my opinions. If they are not so greedy in selling these animals, mating them like rabbits and make money, there won’t be so many dogs to go around in the first place, right?

  7. It 100% sickens me when I read about all these irresponsible abandonment of animals. I’d really like to find out what have these dogs done to deserve this. You should try visiting the Singapore SPCA website and there are pedigrees there worth a fortune ! If I didn’t live in a condo, my aunt and I would definitely adopt a few. We LOVE animals !

    Valery´s last blog post..please help the dogs

  8. Then there are those who bought puppies when they were cute and later neglected them when they are too busy with work. Keeping a dog as a pet is not just giving it meals. They have to be loved and be taken out for walks.

    Anyway, I would definitely prefer a pussy. 😉

  9. I didn’t know that owning a pet now seems like a show of status. I’ve had dogs all my life and it’s saddening to see those abandon dogs. Haiz..Don’t buy those dogs if you can’t care for them. They are not some toys!!

    I hate people that are cruel to dog. Accessorizing your dog is a part of cruelty too!!

    eve´s last blog post..warehouse sale madness

  10. One point also must blame the dog owners who do not spay/neuter their dogs (YAM them) and let them simply run outside and breed.

    These people say “kasian lah”, “painful lah” etc, etc, so contribute to stray dog problems.

    So, do the responsible thing – spay/neuter your dogs.

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