Today (Sunday) see me waking up at 8 am because I was especially motivated by Father Moses Lui yesterday. Gee….I wonder what will happen to our very ‘too structured cathedral’ if we have a fab priest like the bad tempered Moses Thunder Tiger Lui. These are his own descriptions.

Father Moses Thunder is from Melaka St. Peter’s church. He came to our church yesterday for our CCC. He is the scariest thing, ever. First of all, he uses Latin. He wrote something Christifidelis Laici and all I can think of are those juicy, sweet lychees. But he turned out to be the kind of priests I adore. The kickass, doesn’t mince his words and I think he fits into the obnoxious category.

This morning, he celebrated mass and I had the bad luck of being asked to take care of the OHP. (but of course, I am joking because I do not mind doing anything if needed) I was panicky because I thought he is going to have bizarre style of celebrating mass and I will faint if he asked me to skip from this part to that part because I still cannot tell what is what as our slides of over 70+ are in sequence.

Anyway, everything went well except for the part where someone comes to me to ask me to insert a ‘will the car owner of PHY 123 please remove your car’ notice just before the Lord’s Prayer. I shoo-ed the person away because no way am I going to touch the scary buttons of the powerpoint slides as one wrong button, the whole sequence of the mass will be messed up. So, I was desperately half-lying that we are not permitted to do so because Father Fab instructed. Because of that, I forgot to change slides. And poor Father Thunder Lui was standing at the altar, looking right, left, right, left, praying for something to happen. Meanwhile, the organist dare not start his organ because sometimes some priest let us sing the Lord’s Prayer, sometimes some priest allow us to flash the Lord’s Prayer to read them and sometimes, some priest will smack our head if we do that because we are supposed to pray from our heart. Finally, I hit the ‘Enter’ button and the Lord’s Prayer began. Muahahahar…power in my hand, babe!

Father Lui preached a lot about families and the kind of values we must instill in our children. He went down during collection, walking around the pews. I think our church collection today must have shot up by 40% because the tiger is prowling around. I think our parish priests are going around too, next time. People will drop a red note instead of a blue RM1 note, I think.

After mass, I attended Martin Jalleh’s session. Today, he talks about consumerism, materialism and etc etc. So, I was like yeah…..I am not such a bad parent, you know? When my son wants a USD130 pair of sneakers from USA, I told him I cannot buy for him based on principle because I need to buy four pairs to be fair. See? I am such a good parent, eh? Good in bluffing through.

But today, my 13 years old son finally got his first handphone. Nokia 5130 at RM499 with 2 years warranty and other stuffs. He doesn’t really need the phone because school doesn’t allow handphones. However, the poor guy has been asking for a long time and I feel bad being the bad guy who has to turn him down all the time. I ran out of excuses already.

You know lah, I had been attending Father Huan’s class on human development, in particular child psychology and he talked a lot about the eldest, middle and youngest child syndromes. And I know getting a phone for my middle child will help him more in terms of positive affirmation that he matters as much as the older ones and pampered as the youngest one. Moreover, I don’t want him to deny me to a pair of dentures when I am too old to make money blogging.

So, I took him to Charlie at Gurney. At that time, the paymaster was parking his car. Mother and son plotted by sitting down comfortably with handsome Charlie and select a phone. When paymaster came, he went, “Huh? What? Why? Who?” But my ‘kung fu’ very high one, so he boh pien agreed to it. I don’t even need to say anything, just whispered to him, “Next time when you are old, your son won’t buy you a pair of shoes because you didn’t allow him to buy a handphone at 13 years old. Then, you will be walking barefoot, I tell you.”

Anyway…it has been a very spiritual weekend this week. Praise the Lord!

See? It is not so boring being a Christian, you know? LOL, we listen a lot but we shop alot too.