Editing is fun

Actually, I can do this on a piece of paper but blogging about it is much more fun. So, let’s see the plot…

Malaysians in general, Penangites especially

To show the daily lives of small traders and what they think of development and their opinions on having a two-party administration in their constituency. Balik Pulau, Penang is unique in the sense that the parliamentary seat is PKR while the ADun is UMNO.

– To bring awareness that sometimes development is not 100% good for the people it is intended for
– To tell the hardships face by small traders
– To show that Penangites are very enlightened on their political prowess. The vote is in their hands.
– To proof that the lay people are wise and full of good suggestions
– To bring fore their voices because mainstream media only follow the money trial and sadly, they are always overlooked

– Give people the impression that it is a contest of who can do the most (i.e. without fear or favour towards either party)

Make a lively and vibrant documentary on the hustle and bustle of the market, fishing village and goat’s farm. Showcase the ethnic feel of this pekan, weaved with the delicious foods Balik Pulau has to offer and lure people to the green hills and beautiful kampung.


1) Scenes from the market, kampung, fishing village, beach, goats farm and kopitiam

2) Narration on what this documentary is all about – a mixture of Penang lives and how politicians can improve the livelihood of these people

3) Focus on market traders
– Interviews with the various people, the praises they have
– Nutmeg juice seller
– Gerakan politician
– Pak Osman

4) Focus on the fishermen and more small traders and their complaints
– Goldsmith’s
– Vege seller about high rental

5) Clips of their suggestions (to give the conclusion that they are not all whiney and complaining but have wisdoms)
– Goldsmith’s idea of better road
– Goats farm owner of promoting tourism

6) Complaints from traders brought to their Member of Parliament

7) Short clip on the assurances given by their Member of Parliament (also to remember to show the BN’s posters and signboard plus Gerakan politicians to give balanced views that we have both sides of the stories)

8 ) Conclude that Balik Pulau is a lovely place to visit, feature the foods, show MP’s explanation on what is tempek to the CJs, the laksa stall, the fruits and pickles

So, kawan-kawan, how? Boleh kah, ini maciam punya documentary? Got more ideas? Tell me, I am going to spend the whole night editing. Three cameras full of video clips…

Maybe I will make a 20 minute documentary for this one.

P/S : Anyone knows where I can find traditional Malay music, no copyright type?

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