The stretch of Scotland road outside the Union Girls School is badly in need of repair. The condition has been like this for more than two weeks. Yet, I wonder what is MPPP waiting for?

Normally, I don’t pass the stretch but instead, use the right most lane because I will be turning into the Race Course. However, the two times I passed by, the feeling is like riding one of those old train with metal track that makes the ride so bumpy and your teeth go ‘dit dit dit dit dit’.

Today, a guy on bike who was ahead of me almost fell. His walkie-talkie set dropped off from his pocket/bike and the thing almost went under my car. He was so panicky, he dropped his bike and rushed to the middle of the road, stopping my car to pick up the walkie-talkie set.

On my second trip, I have stopped at the traffic light on the right lane and took a video of the road.

*sends psychic waves to ‘Big Boss’ so that he can screws the people who have been sitting on this* MPPP is lucky I never tiu harsher because I am wary their big boss may be reading this.

With all the uneven road surface, sands and dust, someone is going to get killed if a bike skidded.