One bright, moonlite night…

I left the house about 8.30 pm. Before that, I contemplated long and hard if I am going to risk it. Then, I pray-pray if I should go or not to go. I think-think and then, tell myself, chey…who is going to pay attention to a housewife lah? I told a friend that I am going as a housewife.

The moon is especially bright and beautiful tonight. Got there early and no action yet. So, I keh-si keh-si (pretend) to take video of the court building lah, the MPPP building lah, Dewan Sri Pinang flowers lah…You know lah…just like someone who discovered this thing call video camera.

After a while, I pretend to pass by because more people are coming. Some of our abang-abang, the big burly size from the peaceful hill are there already. A few of them are familiar faces. But I have cut my hair short so probably they cannot recognise me as one of those regular candlelight vigil-ers.

Met Kris and he asked, “Aiyah, you didn’t bring your camera?” Heh, it is in my baggy, housewife bermuda pants pocketlah. Tonight I disguised as housewife mah….(hahaha, not like I am not a natural looking one)

Then, the candlelight starts….Jeng, jeng, jeng….

And it was darn boring. Politicians were there, some regular faces were there, lots of peaceful hills abang2 were there, police in uniforms were there……

Then, it ended…. I hang around because instinct tells me to stay back. True enough, the action started. One kena hauled up. More uniformed men come. I cannot be sure they are FRU or police because it was rather dark.

Then, *censored the most suspenseful part*

So, I pun cabut lah. I casually walk like housewife, ronda-ronda, all the time my video camera in my pocket. My car was just near by but a group of 6 policemen were standing around my poor Viva. I buat dunno…lengang-lengang…while my heart berdeboobberdebab …hoping no SB jumps out of the bush and tarik I masuk another kereta. One nice, friendly looking pak cik policeman whispered to me, “Cepat balik, cepat balik” I pun replied, “Sekarang balik, sekarang balik”

I masuk kereta, pun belah lah..

And that’s the first time I encounter police hauling people.

The end.

(One Suaram organiser was arrested for illegal gathering.)

5 thoughts on “One bright, moonlite night…

  1. Wah you berani to go ah?? I didn’t go la….. sked have to eat curry rice mah!

  2. Momo – I was looking out for you…But hor, I no wear black, I refused all the candles, leaflets, ribbons…I only housewife mah…

  3. I’m a bit lost here. Actually where you went ah? What happened? What illegal gathering ah? I’m not very up to date with current issues, very phai seh lah!

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