What would a good ‘parent’ do when her two ‘kids’ are fighting?

Any parent will tell you that someone has to intervene when two kids are bashing each other up.

And call for time-out session.

Let them come back another time.

Instead of making a spectacle like that which does not benefit anyone.

But then, not all are good ‘parent’.

Cos some ‘parent’ are so power crazy, they prefer to keep quiet and let the ‘kids’ kill each other, all the while, hoping the preferred ‘kid’ will win the fight, regardless if the kid is playing by the rules.

Stupid lah.

7 thoughts on “What would a good ‘parent’ do when her two ‘kids’ are fighting?

  1. Lilian

    Normally in the event if i fight with my sister, my mom will whack both of us kao kao regardless of whose fault. By doing this, it stop the fight and make sure we don’t repeat else both kena whack kao kao again. My mom simply won’t stand by aside and wait for one party (weak or strong) die kena bashing simply because my mom love both of us. Because we are her children. My mom won’t be that stupid to see either one of her children get hurt or worse still got KILLED !!!!

  2. let’s just say that this particular ‘parent’ has got no balls because the ‘elder son’ pays for his living and can choose to terminate the ‘parentship’ in the federal level. oops, am i revealing too much? lol

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  3. i fought a lot with my older brother when we are teens. Both of us will be screaming out loud, scolding each other, pulling hair, poking eyes, pinching hands, biting fingers, kicking legs even when my mom is around. I was always the one being blame (even when i m innocent)it’s all because I m the middle child. My brother was the only son at home. In my opinion, If I was fighting with my brother hopefully my parents would stand up to help me at least to show that they still care for me.

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  4. mum pannai ya…hehee

    ‘pin some’ parent r liddat 1…preffered kid buat salah not only pretend tak nampak, rotan the less preffered kid somemore eh

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