15 thoughts on “Boys and girls, adik-adik semua…this is what you don’t want to be when you grow up

  1. And these are the clowns the rakyat elected. Sigh.

    Fighting for their own cause or ours???

  2. To the voters who voted in the BNiamah gomen, I hope you are happy to see this circus show. There will be more of such shows from these clowns. May your GOD have mercy on your souls (if you have any left)…

  3. they r dead in the next GE, Get out of my state perak, uneducated BN fools… the police have no business in ADUN where were they when my parish was attacked by muslims? y dint they shield us? they even threw stones into the church n the police still kept quiet! here ppl standing around also kena tangkap damm! there is no point in releasing the ISA detainees u tink we kiddos arr, rampas the state n realease the detainees NO DEAL MAN.

    Will be attending the below 2day


    by Cheang Lek Choy

    will be held tonight 8th May (Friday) at:

    Church of St Michael, Ipoh
    SFX Hall


    Admission is Free.

    All are welcome! Please forward to all your friends who want to know more about

    the political situation in Perak.

    (If you think democracy is dead in Perak, WEAR BLACK TONIGHT! )

    See you there!

  4. The Aminos – LOL, the latest video from KL Brickfields is like playing ‘ka li tui’. “Saya buka pintu, saya tangkap” Haih…

    George – When another human treats another person the way they did to Siva and then, the Ganesa held up the hands of the rest in victor, we know we are really dead. Fighting is one thing, gloating over it, with the help of the police is downright disgusting. And that Hee!

  5. One would expect BN to play dirty but this has to be their numero uno in playing dirty. When one person win without dignity, he or she will not feel proud and have pride in the winning. But this BN goons are gloating and boasting and somemore dare to use words like democracy, rule of law and tyranny. I would feel like an ass if I were them, where is the pride and dignity if win like this?
    In the video, I betul betul cannot tahan seeing the Hee lady, all smilling and joyial, my god, she betrayed all the people in Jelapang and still dare to be so arrogant! I tell you the next time I go by Jelapang(in-laws in Ipoh), I will ask where is her office and buy her some rotten eggs…..KNN!
    Now would be a good time to flame out all the “lan” you did in the previous posts.
    TOO LAN!

  6. I mean no pride in winning(above second line….too geram already until mind and finger don’t sync anymore).
    Taking deep and long breath now……*trying to calm down*

  7. Oh my goodness,even the student councils from my institute behave better than they do!

  8. Taiwanese police did NOT interfere in the Parliament. And even Taiwan people did NOT FORCEFULLY displace their corrupted president Chen when the people found out his act of corruption. They kick Chen down with votes. In fact, Taiwan is ahead of us in the democracy process when we laughing on their karate-kick parliament.

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