I wish TMNet happy niamah smell shoes

Of all days, my home streamyx broadband rosak since last night. I can’t do a thing. Now I am writing from my Celcom mobile.

So I want to wish TMNet happy niamah smelly shoes. Niamah means your mother in Hokkien. Smelly shoes sounds like chaohai in Cantonese.

I cannot post the cute cards my boys gave me. i cannot post the Wesak Day video I made. I cannot write why my mascara was smeared.

Of all the mothers, I cannot get my Happy Niamah’s Day wishes on my blog.

My thumbs are tired so thats all. May TMNet go rot.

11 thoughts on “I wish TMNet happy niamah smell shoes

  1. Dear Lilian,
    Klang also like that most of the time. I suspect that they are ‘throttling’ us so that we cannot get any latest news directly. Watching You Tube is always inconvenient as the video stutter and breaks due to slow downloads. I tried uploading my own video on High Definition. Lagi teruk!
    TM? Such highly bragged about company but a low class/ no-tech set up run by people with 20As
    in their exams!!! They still say that there is NO Monopoly in the internet business!!!
    Still got Voted “The Best Internet Company in Malaysia 2009” by Frust and Solli-one. Ha!Ha!
    Cheers and Regards
    Donald G.H Tan
    Birds Talking Too

    Birds Talking Too´s last blog post..Flesh Eating Maggots!

  2. Never mind, Lilian… perhaps there is a reason why it happened…
    Think of the positive side… your electricity bill will be less…. and your beloved family is seeing u free for once… hehee…. and thirdly, u can rest your weary fingers and mind…

    (on the other hand, I hope it wont happen to me.. i mean the streamyx… I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THAT!!)

    claire´s last blog post..Illiterate Mum?

  3. To all mothers who frequent here….Happy Mother’s Day!

    Email2me : Anyone you know tried P1 yet? Thinking of switching to it but worry like Maxis and the others always got bad bandwidth.


  4. well, at the moment, Maxis, Celcom and Wimax still cannot compare to Streamyx (when it is working lah), cos if compare Streamyx to wireless, give me Streamyx anytime, so we have no choice but to suck it up.
    Last time Jaring also failed to do any significant damage to Streamyx’s share of the pie. Government support mah.

    Mine was down this morning, so spend more time with the family lo.

    calvaryzone´s last blog post..Carrot Walnut cake

  5. Your blog always intrigued me!

    I couldn’t agree more to this and btw….
    A Happy Niamah Day to u ^_^
    Hope u have a great Niamah’s Day celebration with your kids! ciao…

    Joselyn´s last blog post..Room sweet room

  6. Happy NIAMAH day!!!

    Streamyx is the the best among the rest!!! They are holding us by the balls. The worst would be Maxis.

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