I am soooo happy..

It really has nothing to do with me but still I am so, so very happy that the courts find Nizar to be the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. The other haram-ed already.

According to the news MB Nizar is going to call for fresh election. This time, I think we will have more fireworks to see. With Uthayakumar and the rest of the ISA-ed chaps free, the orange wave is going to sweep Perak.

I am so happy.

7 thoughts on “I am soooo happy..

  1. Yes, yes, yes…….it’s a good day, a very happy day even though my own personal day did not go too well but after this news, it is a good day! At least I have something to write and rant about on my own blog……
    Anyway, for you people who wants to see if the Jelapang frog was waving a key chain or pepper spray go here and see and decide for yourself :


    YB Nizar and Speaker S.Sivakumar should now sack all those involved in helping the coup d’tat, including the police head etc etc etc. I guess the 3 BN friendly exco members now finally out lived their relevance loh as I think this is the end of their political career. How much money our beloved PM have just wasted and at the end of the day, still get nothing. I bet in this coming Perak State elections, it will be land slide victory for PR and BN-UMNO will be blown out to oblivion.

  2. Ya, the frogs can go eat shit now. Especially the “tempang” frog…..hehehee

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