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I am soooo happy..

It really has nothing to do with me but still I am so, so very happy that the courts find Nizar to be the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. The other haram-ed already.

According to the news MB Nizar is going to call for fresh election. This time, I think we will have more fireworks to see. With Uthayakumar and the rest of the ISA-ed chaps free, the orange wave is going to sweep Perak.

I am so happy.

7 Responses to “I am soooo happy..”

  1. Yes, yes, yes…….it’s a good day, a very happy day even though my own personal day did not go too well but after this news, it is a good day! At least I have something to write and rant about on my own blog……
    Anyway, for you people who wants to see if the Jelapang frog was waving a key chain or pepper spray go here and see and decide for yourself :

    YB Nizar and Speaker S.Sivakumar should now sack all those involved in helping the coup d’tat, including the police head etc etc etc. I guess the 3 BN friendly exco members now finally out lived their relevance loh as I think this is the end of their political career. How much money our beloved PM have just wasted and at the end of the day, still get nothing. I bet in this coming Perak State elections, it will be land slide victory for PR and BN-UMNO will be blown out to oblivion.

  2. Ya, the frogs can go eat shit now. Especially the “tempang” frog…..hehehee

  3. you’re not alone… many that care for Perak politic situation are happy for the Perakians.

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  4. God have eyes ……….

  5. Happy for the Perakians too. Hopefully this madness finally comes to an end with the assembly’s dissolution and settled with a proper mandate from the rakyat. Peace reigns ..amen!

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  6. I’m not really into politics but according from a reliable source Nizar is an arrogant person. So I’m not really happy about this.

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  7. I just hope it stays this way. However I have bad feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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